Your fuel canopy serves several functions, whether you realize it or not. Not only does it shield users from the weather and provide light to see by at night, but it is also a huge aspect of your business’ branding. It is the first thing users will see when they drive by, so you want to make sure it catches their eye. If that’s not enough to make you want to remodel your fuel canopy, here are five more reasons:


As we just mentioned, your fuel canopy is part of your branding. Think of several major gas stations. When you see their fuel canopy in the distance, you know exactly what company it is, even if you can’t see their sign.

Remodeling your fuel canopy with eye-catching branding can instill the same customer loyalty at your gas stations that these major retailers have, and who doesn’t want that?


How long has it been since the lighting under your fuel canopy has been updated? You may not realize it, but if it’s old and dim, it may give users horror movie vibes, especially if it flickers. You want your lighting to be warm and inviting, not something that turns users away.

To achieve this, a quick remodel with new fixtures should do the trick. You could even use the lighting as a way to get customers’ attention. A bright, flashing neon sign will get their attention while your warm and welcoming exterior makes them want to stop.


You want your customers to feel safe under your fuel canopy, meaning it needs to look safe and sturdy. Consider potential customers who are driving through the pouring down rain. Are they going to want to stop at a station with a flimsy-looking canopy that doesn’t have enough room to shield more than on car?

Or are they going to want to stop somewhere where the canopy doesn’t look like it could buckle in the wind with plenty of room to spare? If your fuel canopy hasn’t been updated with materials that reflect this strong and sturdy atmosphere, a remodel may be in order.


How well does your current fuel canopy function? Does it leave plenty of room for parking? Does it cover everything that needs protection from the weather?

If not, it’s time for a remodel. Consider placing the canopy away from the building for more room for parking. After all, creating more room for parking is essential to hosting more customers.

If It Works, It Works

Now, we are not advocating being a copycat by any means, but if something works for one retailer, then why can’t it work for you?

If you have been having trouble bringing in the customers, take a page out of a successful brand’s book and use one of their fuel canopies for inspiration. Think about what customers see and what draws them to that gas station. It could be the color or the style, or even the font choice of words written on the outside.

At American Petroleum, we have over 20 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining fuel canopies. If you need a hand deciding if you should remodel, planning your remodel, or remodeling, give us a call.