Setting a new petroleum-based business or keeping your current one up to date requires investment. AMPET recommends you make the right choice based on your needs. However, we need to warn you about the risk you’re taking in buying used petroleum equipment.

Most suppliers offer a warranty and services for their refurbished equipment, making it a wise investment. However, the life of the equipment might be short-lived compared to a new, top-of-the-line unit.

Choose Experience

The petroleum industry is highly lucrative. This is why more and more investors come to it for a secure, long-term return of investment. Unfortunately, this comes with lack of experience. A company’s expertise and presence on the market is the first criterion to apply when choosing a petroleum equipment supplier.

Top Quality

A company that respects itself will never take shortcuts. American Petroleum prides in working with the most reputable brands on the market, delivering the best options when you purchase petroleum equipment. American Petroleum also offers complimentary services to help you run your business smoothly from day one.


Some companies choose to represent a handful of petroleum manufacturers only. This can be caused by either loyalty, a binding contract, or merely a reserve to invest in quality training for their teams. This may be required for business expansion in this domain.

American Petroleum chooses to continually invest in their teams of professionals and in new, innovative equipment that helps businesses run smoothly. We believe professionalism is both an art and a duty, keeping ourselves accountable for our own actions and development.

We have partners and competitors who make us proud to be in this business. We collaborate to create the best customer experience through the variety of petroleum equipment and services we offer.


A petroleum equipment provider should not be restrictive. Flexible contracts, payment schedules, and financial partnerships, all customizable according to the customer’s needs, are must-haves for a successful, reliable provider.


Most businesses choose used petroleum equipment for financial reasons. Their concerns are often without a solid basis. Experience in the industry and reliable, long-term partnerships with manufacturers enable a stable petroleum company to provide new equipment at affordable and competitive prices.

This is achievable with the help of bulk orders, which enable companies like AMPET to receive personalized, under-market price offers. This advantage would be used only in the customer’s benefit and not for extra-profit.

Generating income at the expense of others is a recipe for failure. Companies that do this are set up to disappoint and lose their customers.

Full-Service Package

Sustaining a business relationship in this domain requires more than a sell-purchase relationship. Any equipment needs regular maintenance, and perhaps upgrades and repair service. Offering a full package generates trust and reliability.

It also helps you, the business owner, to realize you can count on someone to solve any upcoming issue in a timely manner. We have a team of professionals at your disposal 24/7.

When you think about buying petroleum equipment, don’t haste. It is an investment in your future and in your relationship with your faithful customers. Do not make the mistake to treat them less than they deserve. They will return the “favor” if you do. Choose wisely.

American Petroleum offers sales, service and installation of petroleum industry equipment. Contact us for more information.