Tidel’s Reliable Cash Management Solution

  Tidel’s Reliable Cash Management Solution

Do you need a reliable and safe solution when it comes to managing your cash and profits? Do you own a c-store, gas station or other retail stores that hold low to large cash volumes every day?

We have a safe and reliable solution to all your worries—Tidel’s cash management system!

American Petroleum Sales and Services in partnership with Tidel, created and designed a series of cash management system for our valued customers. Tidel is known for its world class robbery deterrent cash management system in the retail industry.

We, at American Petroleum, dedicated our years of experience to developing strategies and identifying the basic and advanced commodities of our consumers. With Tidel’s smart and innovative cash management system, you can now be free from all your concerns when handling your cash from your retail stores’ profits.

We will continually use and develop our skills and knowledge to create ways vast opportunities from the industrial business to the retail industry. We care for our consumers and we want to give you only the best and world class products and services.

  Why Choose Tidel’s Cash Management System?

We have a wide range selection of products for your cash management system and these are the following:

Series 3

This Tidel Series 3 cash management system is created and designed to easily organize, secure your cash deposits. This type of Series can manage from low to moderate cash volume.

Series 4

This Tidel Series 4 can manage single or bulk note. This is designed for convenience and wide variety of uses. This Series comes in 4 (four) different types:

  1. ✓ Tube Vend
  2. ✓ Side Vault
  3. ✓ Narrow Side Vault
  4. ✓ Till Storage Vault

Series 4e

This Tidel Series 4e is created and designed to adapt and manage a wide spectrum of cash volume. This Series comes in 8 (eight) different types:

  1. ✓ Side Car
  2. ✓ Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser
  3. ✓ High Capacity Bulk Coin Dispenser
  4. ✓ Rolled Coin Dispenser
  5. ✓ Bulk Coin Dispenser
  6. ✓ Bulk Coin and Dispenser and Recycler
  7. ✓ High Capacity Note Dispenser
  8. ✓ Low Capacity Note Dispenser

Tidel S5

This type is designed to automate and manage cash volumes from retail stores, warehouse, clubs, grocery stores, hotels and other institutions which handle large volumes of cash. This type of cash management system comes in 2 (two) unique and sophisticated design:

  1. ✓ High Capacity Bulk Coin Dispenser
  2. ✓ Rolled Coin Dispenser

TACC (Timed Access Cash Controller)

o This type of cash management system can deter robbery and does not burden you from worrying and dividing your time going in between your task and to your customers. This has become the standard of cash management system and over the years Tidel’s TACC has improved its designs and capacity to hold cash volume in 3 (three) designs:

  1. ✓ TACC IIA
  2. ✓ TACC III
  3. ✓ TACC VI

You will never go wrong with our trusted and premier cash management system Series.
If you want to find out more about the details of our cash management system Series, call us now at American Petroleum Sales and Services and see for yourself how efficient, simplified and outstanding our products.

  Tidel’s Target

Tidel has been in the line of business for over the years and have helped numerous organizations and industries to secure, automate and streamline their cash handling process. Through this initiative, we were able to help our customers manage their businesses systematically and maximize their time efficiently as well as their profit.

This commitment made our customers enjoy a better way of handling their businesses from all types of industry and institutions.

    • Quick Serve Restaurants
    • Convenience Stores
    • Gas Stations
    • Healthcare
    • Hotels and Hospitality
    • Specialty Retail
    • Utilities
    • Other Retail

If you want to find out more about cash management system, call us at American Petroleum. Our customer service representative will gladly assist accommodate all your queries.
Do not hesitate to call us; whether you’re looking for an efficient and reliable cash management system machine, fuel storage tanks, carwash equipment, or gas dispensers for sale, American Petroleum is ready to help

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We, at American Petroleum Sales and Services, devoted our years of experience to our customers in providing reliable, safe, cost-effective and quality products and services which are essential for your day to day productivity. If you want to find out more about Tidel’s safe and smart cash management system product, give us a call today and we will gladly accommodate your inquiries. Our customer service representative is happy to accommodate you anytime.
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