Red Jacket Submersible Pumps

  Red Jacket Submersible Pumps Offered by American Petroleum

With over 35 years of experience, American Petroleum Sales and Services has become much more than a household name in the field of industrial equipment, service station services, parts supply, marine services and much more. American Petroleum is a division of Murphy & Sons and it was founded back in 1977. It has received its license and it is a bonded General Contractor in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. It distributes products of a range of different leading brands, including the industry leading Red Jacket.

  American Petroleum Offering Red Jacket Submersible Pumps

The partnership entered between Veeder-Root and American Petroleum is one which has managed to yield a lot of prosperity for both companies and their target audience as well. The distributor carries quite a lot of different products made by Veeder-Root and, amongst them, the Red Jacket Submersible Pumps definitely require special attention.

There are three separate Red Jacket Submersible Pump models that you can take a look at. They include:

The Red Jacket 4” is one of the most efficient as well as the most silent fuel pump systems out there. It produces tremendous customer experience.
It allows for the liquid stock to make a lot greater lengths which allows additional design flexibility for the forecourt that you run. It doesn’t need as much tubing and mobile parts compared to other pumps of the kind which enables it to conveniently block vapor. It is designed in a unique way which allows quick and hassle-free installation process as well as easy maintenance altogether.

This offers a higher flow rate and it is at least as convenient as the previous one. You can choose either a 3 or 5 HP motor which is meticulously engineered to deliver higher output and to satisfy heavy duty applications such as truck stops where the demand is traditionally more substantial. There are more fuel points as well as significantly longer piping run which is going to boast perfect safety features and leading serviceability.
It delivers 20% more flow compared to high capacity pumps of other manufacturers and it is easy to install. The pump head is very easy to remove and extract, allowing very quick and immediate access to your check valve.

This one is for those of you who are looking for an affordable solution which is capable of performing as per the highest standards. The Premier Range Pump is efficient and reliable – it’s an LPG pump which is capable of pump liquefied petroleum gas in its generic, liquid state.

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As you can see, there are quite a lot of options that you can take a look at if you are looking for a submersible pump. Veeder-Root, as always, has brought amazing options on the table. You can contact American Petroleum directly and place your order or request any additional information that you may need.

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