PDQ 360 Car Wash

  AMPET Proudly Offers The PDQ 360 Car Wash

PDQ 360 LaserWash



If you are a car wash owner that is looking for fast, flawless and responsive wash process equipment then the LaserWash®  360 is for you. It exceeds the normal standards for carwash machinery making it the top choice in automatic

  Wash® 360

The LaserWash® 360 offers a lot of comfort and convenience to the consumers. Currently it has ten key features and the equipment is designed to be exceptional. PDQ equipment is designed to be energy-efficient, with low maintenance cost and low chemical and water consumption.

One of the benefits that LaserWash® 360 Plus can offer is a fast return on investment because of its key features that saves energy, water and chemical consumption. Its simple design results to lower cost of ownership since there are fewer total maintenance cost.

  PDQ LaserWash® 360 Car Wash Features

Smart 360 Cleaning System

Smart 360 Technology, the power of PDQ 360 LaserWash,® has been improved through adding the Smart 360 Cleaning System. It has impressive tilting arch functions and  smart chemical timing that makes it unique in the market.

Smart Arch Control

This equipment defines comfort and satisfaction, it functions fast and time efficient during the operation.

Smart 360 Drying System

ThisLaserWash® dryer performs rinse and dry in just a single operation. In a span of 10 seconds it can remove 80% of the water making it exceptional and unique.

Smart 360 Networking

This is a web browser that accesses all key operations such as machine monitoring, viewing reports and performances. This can also help in improving staff relation since this can monitor and get in touch with the staff 24/7.

Smart Consumer Experience

PDQ 360 LaserWash® provides customer with great experience thru this system. It has enhance vehicle positioning system, unique overhead design with specific language audio messages that provides clear instruction. 

LaserGlow Illumination Effect System

This is exclusive only for LaserWash® 360 Plus.  The system will guide the customers on their way to the vehicle entrance and exit illuminating the bay day or night. It has attractive patterns with multiple color combination illumination that will attract more customers in the business.

The colors can also be programmed depending on chosen brand color, it will also display holiday color paterns, and helps in guiding the customers in the whole carwash process. It has Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Violet bright colors.   

SwingAir Synchronized Motion During System

This system is available on both stand alone and integrated drying system process.  This is an upgraded drying system on the sides of the vehicles and can be ordered with the new wash system.

StandAlone MaxAir Dryer

MaxAir Dryers uses less energy consumption and dries vehicle faster and better. This system delivers high-velocity air to the parts of the vehicle. Its blowers are positioned in a strategic way where it removes water quickly from the vehicle.

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