National Oilwell

  National Oilwell: The Solution for Oil Industry Needs

  National Oilwell: The Solution for Oil Industry Needs

Oil is one of the most common necessities for us nowadays. Even gasoline is made up of crude oil. In fact, our world would almost grind to a break without oil. The world would stop. Airplanes would be grounded, factories would stop running and so would cars. Offices and people’s homes (if heated by oil) would definitely freeze in winter. Oil is used in so many ways we just don’t consciously know.

Since oil is so essential in our lives, the rest of the world is affected by what happens to this vital commodity.

National Oilwell Varco is one of the brands distributed by American Petroleum. It is a worldwide leading provider of national oilwell to equipment as well as components used in oil and gas drilling production operations. It is also mostly used with the supply chain integration services to the upstream and oil and gas industry and even in the oilfield services. Apart from these, the product also includes drilling instrumentation and controls, heavy hardware for oil well drilling as well as drilling power generation and control.

Below are just a partial list of heavy hardware that we have with National Oilwell Varco

  • Derricks
  • Drawworks
  • Rotarys
  • Mud pumps
  • Topdrives
  • BOPs (Blowout preventers)
  • Complete drilling rigs
  • Riser equipment

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is also known to yield control electronics for power generation and control drilling motors and motor control centers for AC motor control. Because of the quality of the oil they have, National Oilwell Varco was ranked as the best company in Greater Houston by Houston Chronicle in 2008.

This brand has already made a name in the Oil Industry considering that NOV is the Houston area’s largest energy employer with more or less 14,500 workers in the region according to research.

As you must know and as obvious as stating the obvious, oil has a lot of uses. Below are just some of the uses of oil:

  • Gasoline (Used to fuel cars)
  • Other products
  • Heating oil (Used to heat buildings)
  • Propane
  • Jet fuel
  • Asphalt
  • Residual Fuel Oil (powering factories, fueling large ships and making electricity)

As you can see there are a lot of important uses for crude oil besides just fueling your car. Here at AMPET, we value those needs that’s why we only give you the very best brand there ever is in the market in a most cost – effective way.

You may probably don’t know but oil has way more uses than what’s just mentioned above. Believe it or not, oil has been behind all the things that we have right now. What would the following be without oil?

Clothing. Oil is used order to produce rayon, nylon, polyester and even artificial furs. petroleum is used to help make clothing non – flammable and colorful.

Furniture. Carpet or linoleum flooring is known to be a petroleum – based product if you have one of these commodities at home.

Insulation. Keeping the unwanted heat from escaping or entering thru insulation is even a petroleum – based product. This means that we depend on crude oil to regulate the temperature in our homes in more ways than we realize.

Kitchen Items. There are many things that can be found in the kitchen that is functioned
by oil such as your refrigerator, molded interior panels, door liners and even the foam insulation. Many stoves are functioned by using natural gas.

Cars. As mentioned above, cars would stop running without oil. This is one of the most dependent commodities that primarily needs oil.

Food. Yes, food. You got that right. But the ones that you eat, but this means the production of your food. Fertilizer is something that relies on petroleum, thus, when the rate of oil goes up, it gets more expensive to grow food. Also, most of our food items are stored in plastics as well which means that crude oil plays a huge part in the food production.

  Why Choose National Oilwell?

This simply means that here at American Petroleum, we value the needs of our customers. Not only do we understand the history of the brands we get or whatever rewards they may have before. But we make sure that the brand of the commodity we use is capable of giving the needs to our customers exceeding satisfactory level. Not only does National Oilwell has a very good reputation as a brand, but the product they have advertised for quite some time is really one of the best there is in the market.

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If you think you need National Oilwell Varco after knowing the importance and uses of oil, then this would be the right brand for you for all your oil/petroleum needs. Contact us here at AMPET and we will be more than happy to serve you the one of the best product we ever have.

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