Great Plains Industries

  Great Plains Industries Brand Carried By American Petroleum Sales and Service

The petroleum industry is undoubtedly one of the most widely discussed and prosperous field on the face of our entire planet. American Petroleum Sales and Service is one of the largest equipment distributors of products which are related to the industry. These include fuel canopy installations, petroleum equipment and petroleum equipment installations, fuel tank installation, fuel station construction as well as petroleum equipment service and others of the kind.

  American Petroleum Proudly Carries Great Plains Industries

American Petroleum Sales and Service is a proud distributor of some of the products of Great Plains Industries, namely, their Fuel Transfer Pumps and Meters. Their sound relationship has stood the test of time and both companies are in cooperation for long years. The quality of the products as well as their capabilities to perform as per the highest industry standards are amongst the main reasons behind this fruitful cooperation. Of course, GPI also offers a range of different products which makes it easier for AMPET to conveniently supply for the serious demand. Some of these products in the category of fuel transfer pumps and meters include:

  • DC Fuel Transfer Pumps
  • AC Fuel Transfer Pumps
  • GPRO Pumps – Pro-Grade
  • Fuel Transfer Systems
  • Methanol Pumps and Meters
  • Fuel Meters
  • Fuel Remote Dispenser Products
  • Oil Meters
  • Chemical Pumps and others of the kind

  Why Choose GPI Fuel Transfer Pumps?

For once, the reputation of the company backs up their products. Being one of the globally respected companies in the field and operating for more than 50 years, Great Plains Industry is an authority to be reckoned with.

All the GPI Fuel Transfer Pumps are conveniently manufactured in the US which attests to the fact that they’ve been held up against the highest manufacturing standards and quality assurance protocols. The products are made with the latest technologies and advancements in mind, making sure that everything is handled as per the numerous regulations and requirements. The pumps themselves are versatile in terms of usage and applications and they range from portable fuel transfer pumps to heavy duty ones for commercial application.

  Order Your GPI Products Today!

It goes without saying that buying a GPI fuel transfer pump or meter is a great choice. The products are backed by the reputation of the company itself. Not only that, American Petroleum has put its name behind them, including the products in their portfolio of distributed products. If you want to make an order or receive additional information, you can easily contact AMPET and get everything that you need.

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