Gilbarco Passport Point Of Sale System

  Gilbarco Passport Point Of Sale System Proudly Offered by American Petroleum

Gilbarco Veeder-Root gas station products are designed to offer maximum customer experience with optimal outcomes. They offer gas station businesses the c-store and fuel merchandising products they need to become successful.

Unique C-Store Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Gilbarco offers the Passport POS system, an industry-leading and unique point of sale system for c-store businesses. It’s bundled with the tools you need to control, grow and track your gas station business. Use your c-store POS with a precise reporting feature, top-notch thirds-party interface, a reliable service and easy-to-use touch display to control your transaction while enjoying guaranteed support from the industry experts.

Benefits of the Passport Point of Sale System

  • Great Convenience

The Passport POS system simplifies PCI-compliance. It allows fueling businesses to meet their current and future requirements without spending more in the future on expensive upgrades. The gas station sale register has the capability to provide merchandising and the most powerful fuel discounting on the market. You can monitor and take advantage of your fueling customer behaviors through discounts and rewards.

  • Ease-of-Use

The Passport register comes with an easy-to-use touch display, reducing the time you need to train your cashiers while enhancing their speed and accuracy. Built for workflow convenience, the register allows cashiers to organize menus based on any particular time in a day. Set reminders to show at specific times on the manager or cashier workstation.

Whenever money limit is reached, the safe-drop gives warnings as cash drop reminders; it’s easy to use and read. Integrated with a powerful security camera on the interface, the register also features an electronic journal to capture each stroke of the keypad. With the Store Report and the Network Journal’s CD backup, you’re protected from data loss.

The register can be programmed and reason-codes used to create entry exceptions to reduce cases of employee theft. With the security grouping features, you can set data permissions, including particular functions for enhanced data loss protection.

  • Marketing Capabilities

The gas station register also features various marketing options to assist customers with driving more traffic to their c-store businesses. The register is also the only POS system built to offer stacked or cumulative discounts. Capture new loyalty customers by using the car wash, card, cash and fuel grade discounting options. Offer support to your commercial customers by creating them a local account within the POS system.

Set up your pump with the CRIND merchandising protection feature to accept merchandise sales either prior or post fueling transactions.

  • Precise Reporting

Cashiers can use the blind balancing feature to balance the register without knowledge of the exact amount of cash available in the cash drawer. This can help you as the business owner to effectively take control of cash. Till reconciliation feature supports location-specific functionality with cashier being able to balance the till only at the manager’s workstation.

On the other hand, the manager can reconcile the cashier’s till for preciseness with the ability to make corrections or process the till as it is. Use the Payment Report Method to calculate fuel, car wash and merchandise sales debit and credit transactions, reducing fees charged on card processing.

With the Paid-Out and Paid-In features, including the ability to track monies, you can easily verify the cash coming in and out of the cash drawers during payments by vendors.

  • Remote Access & Support

Gilbarco Help Desk staff is able to diagnose and fix issues related to the Passport POS software through the remote dial-in support feature. As a result, it reduces service costs and technician visits to the problematic sites. Data migration and auto software upgrades are accomplished remotely through a CD or download.

With superior product support and ASC coverage, the Passport system has a network of certified technicians to guarantee access to service whenever our customers are in need.

  • Exceptional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Our Gilbarco loyalty specifications are compatible with most third-party loyalty programs. We also have seven certified partners offering loyalty programs and accept payments through loyalty cards. Unlike batching at the end of the day, Passport POS system supports real-time BOS consumption journaling and integration with store back-office systems for convenience.

The Gilbarco gas station equipment supports use with powerful fuel discounting, social media platforms, merchandising and car washing, enabling your fueling customers to get rewarded for their loyalty.