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  Gilbarco Gas Equipment Offered By American PetroleumPetroleum Equipment Service

Gilbarco Veeder-Root is trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe due to their expertise in everything c-store and forecourt. They offer top-notch gas station equipment for all kinds of fueling businesses. They understand the fueling business and technologies inside out. 

Whether you are looking for a c-store management system, gas pump equipment or a c-store POS system, American Petroleum has your Gilbarco gas equipment covered. All of our gas station equipment is designed to scale and adapt to future growth needs, not to mention prolonged use for many years to come. 

  • Gilbarco C-Store MasterCard and Visa (EMV) Solutions

EMV solutions were developed with microchips, but not magnetic strips, to support secure payments. Gilbarco offers customers the tools they need to setup EMV-compliant gas stations to ensure payments can be made using any of the three card payment methods.

  • Gilbarco Fuel Dispensers

Gilbarco Veeder-Root gas station fuel dispensers are a true reflection of confidence. As the leading industry experts, they offer profitable and reliable gas station equipment. Gas pump equipment upgrades are a form of long-term smart investments. They design automated fuel dispensers aimed at optimizing your investment.

  • Gilbarco Cloud Services Platform

Gilbarco Veeder-Root makes use of Insite 360 technology, a worldwide cloud services platform. It offers a user-friendly and secure dashboard to support complete information visibility to operators across all site networks, anytime, anywhere. It allows remote control and monitoring from a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Gilbarco Point of Sale (POS) System

Innovative point of sale architecture is scalable and easy to integrate with your existing consoles and gas station equipment. Built with the capability to efficiently and promptly upgrade to new POS technologies, choose between replacement systems with complete features and retrofits.

With Passport, the Gilbarco Point of Sale (POS) System, you get access to the best and most recent forecourt and c-store merchandising technology. It is one of the many regulation-compliant gas stations systems that we offer.

  • Gilbarco Upselling Platform

Gilbarco innovative up-selling and forecourt merchandising solutions gives you more reasons to encourage your fueling customers to spend. With their Impulse up-selling platform, you can increase fuel sales by about 3-5%, letting your customers enjoy a seamless experience when transacting. 

The up-selling platform is built with a commercial ‘affinity engine’ that conducts real-time analytics and displays product recommendations on a screen facing your fueling customers.

  • Gilbarco Forecourt Payment Systems

The Gilbarco FlexPay flexible payment system is designed to protect your business and your fueling customers. Designed for high compatibility with various fuel dispensers and versatility, the FlexPay IV CRIND system has many features to support enhanced performance.

With the FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pad retrofit, you get your fuel business to be PCI-compliant cost-effectively. Enjoy multi-layered security with the FlexPay Secure card reader.

  • Food Service

Gilbarco Express Ordering system brings a totally new branding level to your food service business operations. Designed to work as a self-service food system, the ordering system increases add-ons and upselling abilities while enhancing efficiency. It can increase your fuel sales by at least 30%, hence increasing your profit margins and enhancing customer support services.

  • Gilbarco Forecourt Merchandising

The Gilbarco Applause system is built to work with c-store merchandising budget and goals, making it easier to drive traffic from your forecourt to the c-store section. High quality fuel station digital content can be generated by the Applause TV system, which is a turnkey pump media solution. Deliver rich video and audio promotions, including real-time value additions such as on-demand printable coupons through the Applause Media System.

  • Gilbarco Fuel Management Services

With the Gilbarco logistics services, your fuel inventory logistical details have been taken care of. The system gathers inventory and data on delivery from a single or hundreds of collection sites. Available in various formats, the data is transmitted from email to reports generated online for easy access, 24/7 through secure fuel web portals.

  Why Choose American Petroleum?

American Petroleum offers many gas station equipment options to meet the varied needs of our customers with fueling businesses. Our customers have access to information and product support to help them efficiently run their businesses. Whether you’re new to the fueling business and need all the gas station equipment or just one to upgrade your existing business to support the fast growth you’ve been experiencing, we’ve got you covered.

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