Gilbarco Flex Fuel Dispensers

  Gilbarco Flex Fuel Dispensers Offered By American Petroleum

Are your clients looking for alternative fuel dispensing options? Are they requiring more and more fuel alternatives? Gilbarco has a wide variety of options for fuel dispensing. Gilbarco provides a maximum of five flex fuel options within a single fueling point. Designed to optimize sales opportunities and branding, this smart investment option minimizes the number of tanks required to hold fuel.  

Gilbarco Flex Fuel Dispensers for More Fuel Product Offerings

Gilbarco flex fuel dispensers have various benefits, including dispensing options for environment-friendly fuel alternatives, high returns on investment (ROI) and minimal costs of maintenance. 

Benefits of Gilbarco Flex Fuel Dispensers

Gilbarco flex fuel dispensers:

  • Features at least two hoses on each side to clearly indicate ethanol blends at the middle level
  • Prevents island mis-fueling.
  • Includes five options for fueling from a single dispenser.
  • Offer several alternative traffics for driving fuel into your business store through increased access to alternative types of fuel on the same site.
  • Features fuel-friendly internal parts purposed to enhance use with E85, biodiesel, CNG, LPG and hydrogen, among other common fueling gas options.
  • Access to payment options which are business-friendly, such as a two-year labor and parts warranty and a contactless card reader on all the new Gilbarco flex fuel dispensers.

Common Features of Gilbarco Encore Flex Fuel Dispensers

Encore flex fuel dispensers have various standard features you should know such as:

  • A 4-year protection from corrosion
  • LED display lighting
  • A 2-year warranty that covers labor
  • 5.7” monochrome screen
  • Progressive lighting cues
  • Angled hose outlets
  • Lack of flow and pulse
  • Hidden pad lock security clasp

Gilbarco Model NL3 Flex Fuel Dispensers

The Gilbarco Model NL3 flex fuel dispensers are the only ones designed to provide E85, diesel and standard, unleaded grades from a similar position of fueling. The dispensers’ three hoses offer a maximum of five fueling products purposed to enhance your fuel promotions or marketing. Just like traditional Gilbarco unit, NL3 features similar options for adding value and tools for selling as follows:

  • Powerful and secure CRINDelectronics
  • An Applause Media System or Applause TV on colored displays
  • 2-years warranty for protection from labor and parts damages caused during manufacturing

Gilbarco Model NJ4 Flex Fuel Dispensers

Featuring up to two configuration options, the Gilbarco model NJ4 provides a maximum of five products based on three hoses only. The three hoses on the flex fuel dispensers are mid-level Ethanol (E15), E85 and unleaded, mid-unleaded or premium flex fuel investors. With the ability of the flex fuel dispenser to provide E15 via a different hose, there is minimal mis-fueling risk on your business.

  • As a traditional Gilbarco unit, model NJ4 included the following options:
  • 2-year labor and parts warranty
  • Applause Media System or TV on colored screens

Gilbarco Ultra-Hi Flow Diesel Dispensers for Optimal Forecourt Throughput

Reliable and durable rugged fueling solutions are ideal for truck stop environment because time is of great essence to you and your clients. Gilbarco Ultra-Hi flow comes with top-notch features such as exceptional POS, flexible fueling equipment configuration options and compatibility with back office for your customers to access the best fueling experience.

Designed for retail truck stops, Gilbarco Veeder-Root satellites and Hi-flow masters deliver fast flow rates, durable use and reduced time taken to pump fuel and make payments. As a result, you get to sell more fuel whenever your diesel fuel pumps register high-traffic periods. Customers also get to hit the road again within shorter times. The various models can be combined to provide the most economical, rugged and increased flex diesel fueling equipment options

Benefits of Gilbarco Ultra-Hi Flow Diesel Dispensers

  • Access to flexible, inter-operable options such as combo, legacy, satellite and master dispensers for enhanced economical solutions.
  • Compatibility with back office and POS; it supports use of card readers for secure and fast forecourt payments. They are compatible with third party back office and POS systems.
  • Support for modular upgrades in the future for easy addition of new features. You only buy the features you need to use now, keeping tech options open for growth in the future.

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