Gilbarco Advantage Fuel Pump

  Gilbarco Advantage Fuel Pump Offered by American Petroleum

The Gilbarco Advantage fuel pump provides reliable fueling with the addition of new throughput and security functionalities. The contemporary image of Universal Advantage positions networks and stations in a manner that improves forecourts.

Advantage Fuel Pump as a High-Throughput “Powerhouse’

As a high-throughput ‘powerhouse’, Gilbarco Advantage Fuel Pump features the following:

  • Field-proven electronics to deliver reliable and quality services
  • MPDs with up to 4 displays for optimal fueling positions
  • MPD with up to 4 fuel grades and 8 hoses for flexible fueling
  • Luring new fueling clients through a new, stylish fuel pump design or image to improve forecourt

  Benefits of The Gilbarco Advantage Fuel Pump

Gilbarco Advantage fuel pump has the following benefits:

  • Stylish Design

Gilbarco Advantage fuel pump comes in a stylish design with bright and large displays to attract new fueling customers. The stylish design features galvanized external panels to increase resistance to corrosion. Contemporary, contoured door and sheathing offers additional protection from harsh conditions in the environment.

Featuring angled canopy and graphics at the eye-level, the fuel pump doesn’t just set high image, but also improves your brand image in the eyes of your customers and potential prospects.

  • Repeat Business

Designed with large and bright displays, Gilbarco Advantage fuel pump drives return customers to your business for repeat purchases. It’s 40mm in height and supports 7 digits to indicate fuel volume and equivalent money value. It also comes in a variation with 25mm height and 6 digits for indicating density (optional) and fuel unit price.

Gilbarco Advantage fuel pump displays are also built for durable use. They feature white backlights for increased visibility in different lighting conditions, both at night and during the day. This means your retail fueling business can operate efficiently 24/7. However, this depends on whether your local city or town supports 24-hour operation.

  • Reduced Cases of Fraud & Theft

Gilbarco Advantage fuel pump is also built for enhanced security with modern security features. The ATEX-approved ex-proof security pulsar is built into the fuel pump to reduce cases of fraud and theft. It’s also encased in a meter shaft and sealed with tamper-proof material for enhanced security.

  • Increased Up-Time

Gilbarco Advantage fuel pumps are built for reduced downtimes and increased up-times. This ensures your fueling system is always working to pump fuel to clients when needed. As a highly-reliable industrial-grade electronic, the fuel pump offers high stability and premium quality for increased up-time.

It comes with a separate pump interface with a different power supply unit for increased performance. The GPU pumping unit features an integrated sump for better stability, hence increased up-time. All these features of the Advantage pump work together to ensure your fueling system works optimally to relay fuel to your customers within a short time.

  • Exceptional Service & a User-Friendly Interface

An integral component of fuel pumps is their ability to support ease-of-use, even for beginner users. Gilbarco Advantage fuel pump is built with an intelligent keypad to easily capture the information you enter into the fueling system. The preset fix button allows you to easily reset the display unit to solve a problem.

It also features an alphanumeric keypad (optional) with LED indicators and dedicated display. Whereas the LED indicators support diagnosis of your fuel system in case of a pulsar, power on or EMT failure, the display is dedicated to showing only the result of information entered through the alphanumeric keypad.

With all these great features, Gilbarco Advantage Fuel Pump supports ease-of-use and exceptional support services. It’s also supported with a user manual with explanations on how to effectively use the fuel pump and system.

  Why Choose The Gilbarco Advantage Fuel Pump

Gilbarco offers an exception fuel dispenser with top-notch industry-grade features to support all kinds of retail fueling businesses. Whether you’ve just opened your fueling business or have been in the industry for years, their product is designed with you in mind. It also comes with a warranty for protection from manufacturing faults and product support each time you need help with your fuel dispenser.

American Petroleum has been in the industry for decades and as a leader in the industry, we know what our fueling customers look for and offer nothing less. Contact us today to order your Gilbarco Advantage fuel pump or dispenser designed to increase your business’ ROI.

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