Encore S 500 Fuel Dispenser

  Encore S 500 Fuel Dispenser

  Encore S 500 Fuel Dispenser

gilbarco fuel dispenser




American Petroleum proudly carries the Encore® 500 S fuel dispenser offered by Gilbarco.  This fuel pump and dispenser is the perfect solution for gas stations that focus on customer experience.  It offers the best technology and the best user experience of any fuel dispenser on the market.

  Why Choose the Gilbarco Veeder-Root Encore® S?

From a technology standpoint, this fuel dispenser is one of the best available.  It allows quick transaction processing, that will make your customers happy.  It also has integrated fuel dispensing technologies such as Point of Sale and Marketing solutions.  It is a very secure fuel dispenser that offers a wide variety of add-on options.

Standard Features for the Encore S Fuel Dispenser

  • 1-year warranty including labor
  • 2-year corrosion protection
  • Progressive lighting cues
  • No pulse, no flow
  • Hidden security clasp for pad lock
  • Angled hose outlets
  • LED display lighting
  • 5.7″ monochrome screen


  • 5 digit PPU
  • Forecourt merchandising with Applause™ TV or Applause Media System
  • Bar code scanner
  • Brand view canopy
  • ISD ready for balanced vapor recovery
  • Rounded and rectangular canopies
  • Ultra-Hi Fuel Flow
  • Multiple product high-hose pump and dispensers (one grade/three grade)
  • 10.4″ color screen
  • Contactless card reader
  • FlexPay™ Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) *
  • FlexPay Secure Card Reader (SCR) *

* under electronic payment integration solution

  Order your Encore S Fuel Pump Dispenser from AMPET!

If you have questions, or need to order you Encore® 500 S fuel dispensers, give AMPET a call today!  We can assist you throughout the process!

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