Gilbarco Encore Fuel Dispensers

  American Petroleum Proudly Offers Gilbarco Encore Fuel Dispensers

Gilbarco Encore fuel dispensers are automated gas dispensers. Veeder-Root equipment for dispending fuel is a true reflection of confidence. What makes them the leading experts in the industry is the fact that they only manufacture profitable and reliable gas dispensers for their customers running fueling businesses.

This Veeder-Root company offers in-store gas station pump market coupons, flexible fuel and whatever you need to give your forecourt a fresh look. Here are various Veeder-Root fuel dispenser family options:

  • Gilbarco Encore S Fuel Dispenser

Designed to work hard for your business, the Encore S fuel dispenser delivers unmatched reliability. Unlike the competition, it has been proven to offer up to 30% less service calls. The dispenser offers the most cost-effective gas station pump ownership to ensure you consistently receive increased profits. With a hard worker like this pump, you get more satisfied fueling customers.

  • Gilbarco Encore 700 S Fuel Dispenser

Gilbarco Encore 700 S fuel dispenser is built with strong and powerful CRIND electronics to offer enhanced security. It provides an innovative yet flexible working platform to meet your ever-changing payment and forecourt marketing needs. With support for scalability and emerging tech support, the dispenser provides improved, upgradeable security features to reduce the need to spend more in the future when their need arises.

  • Gilbarco Flexible Fuel Dispenser

Gilbarco Flex Fuel dispensers have been redesigned to meet your needs for a greener forecourt. Built to reduce the number of fuel tanks you have to buy, the dispenser is a form of smart investment that creates opportunities for sales and optimal branding of your business. Its internal components are fuel-friendly and enhanced to support use with hydrogen, LPG, E85 and CNG.

  • Gilbarco Model NJ4 Encore Flex Fuel Dispensers

Gilbarco NJ4 Encore flex fuel dispensers feature two configurations and only three hoses you can use to provide up to five products such as mid-level ethanol (E5), E85, unleaded, mid-unleaded and premium gas options. It minimizes mis-fueling risk by offering E15 gas via a different hose.

  • Gilbarco Model NL3 Flex Fuel Dispensers

Gilbarco NL3 flex fuel dispensers are one of a kind, built to provide standard diesel, unleaded grades and E85 products from a similar position of fueling. Just like the model NJ4, it can provide up to five products through three hoses only. This optimizes your efforts to market your fuel business, hence increasing your sales and ROI.

  • Gilbarco Encore Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Gilbarco Encore Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensers are built to leverage fleet card networks, CRIND payment, loyalty programs supported by existing POS systems and alphanumeric keypad applications to your prevailing interfaces for increased performance.

  • Gilbarco Encore Diesel Exhaust Fluid +1

Gilbarco Encore DEF + 1 dispenser is an optional hanging hardware, specially-built and enclosed within the heated cabinet. It’s only used when needed.

  • Gilbarco Encore CNG Dispensers

Gilbarco Encore CNG dispensers are designed to ensure compressed natural gas can easily gets to your forecourt. It is used together with an Encore user interface you are familiar with and an existing point of sale (POS) system to help you improve customer experience. As a result, you get to enjoy repeat business as happy and satisfied customers are more likely to return for more fuel purchasing.

  • Gilbarco Encore S Ultra-Hi Flow Diesel Dispensers

Gilbarco Encore S Ultra-Hi Flow Diesel dispensers offer the most flexible fuel options in configuration of fueling equipment. It also supports compatible use with back office and an exceptional point of sale (POS) system. Built to support more sales during high traffic periods, the dispensers promote the sale of more fuel within short time-spans to ensure your fueling customers get back on the road in no time.

  • Gilbarco Encore Dispenser Options

Gilbarco Encore dispenser options are smarter gasoline dispensing equipment. These Veeder-Root fuel dispensing products enhance profitability and reliability.

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American Petroleum offers fuel dispenser solutions that are customizable to meet the unique needs of your fueling customers. Whether you want to enhance your brand image or rebrand sites you have newly-acquired, there is a fuel dispenser for you. We offer competitive fuel dispensers to give you an edge on your local market and increase your profit margins for enhanced ROI.

We are an industry-leading company with decades of experience and unparalleled products offered with you and your fueling business in mind. Our wide product options ensure there is something for everyone because we understand that fueling businesses are not the same.

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