Formex: High Quality Flame Retardant Materials

Do you need flame retardant materials for your electrical manufacturing and applications? Formex has dedicated its years and vast experiences in the industry to provide top quality flame retardant materials which can be used as an electronic and electrical insulator.

We, at American Petroleum Sales and Services, are committed to our frequent buyers and consumers in providing only the best of its kind world class products and services. In partnership with ITW’s Formex, we have organized a system where everyone can access to a premier and first rate products and services from Formex. These flame retardant insulating materials can be used in a wide variety selection from:

  • Mechanical
  • Engineering
  • Electrical

Formex is globally known for manufacturing the most innovative electrical insulating materials for all your electronics and other electrical needs. There is no other flame retardant material that is durable, safe and reliable than Formex. The electrically insulating materials are utilized in various types of application and these include the following:

  • Automotive batteries
  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer electronics applications
  • Medical Equipment
  • TVs and appliances
  • Lighting
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Electrical and power distribution systems

No other material can equal its performance and versatility of Formex’s insulating materials. Some may have tried to cut the cost of its designs and materials by replacing a variety of thermoplastic, electrical papers, and other molded parts.

  Why Choose Formex Electrical Insulator and Barrier Materials?

Electrical Insulation and Barrier Materials is a polypropylene flame retardant insulator which provides electric surge shielding for the consumer and other frequent buyers’ electronic equipment. This type of insulator can be used as a thermal and electrical barrier as well.
These products come in sheets and rolls and are all available in a wide range selection of shapes to meet the standard of flammability and dielectric needs. The following are Formex Electrical Insulatorand Barrier products.

  • Formex GK Electrical Insulation Material
  • Formex Electrical Insulation Material
  • Statex Static Dissipation Material
  • Formex CND Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Electrical Insulation Material

Note: These products have standard sizes. Custom Sizes are also available
Advantages and Technical Data of Formex’s Electrical Insulation and Barrier

  • Non hygroscopic
    <0.06% moisture absorption
  • UL 94 V-0 Flame Class Rating / meets global safety standards
    Globally known for its first rate safety standards
  • Chemical Resistant
    Maintains mechanical or electrical properties
  • Excellent score and fold
    Parts will not crack or split as these are shipped in flat which can save freight costs
  • Superior and durable dielectric breakdown
    24,820 V @ 0.017 in (0.43 mm)
  • Cost effective
    Bask in the lower overall cost of our thinner materials

Formex Electrical Insulation is also used in different applications and these are:

  • Electronic and Electrical Insulation
  • Used as a barrier between PC boards and between PC boards and housings
  • Used as a barrier to prevent access from dangerous areas

Methods for Processing Formex Electrical Insulation

  • Die Cutting
  • Laser or Water Jet Cutting
  • Heat Forming
  • Thermoforming
  • Machining

Other forms of processing are also available in the following:

  • Marking
    Materials are embossed or printed for product identification, technical information or safety messages
  • Lamination
    This process undergoes lamination with the use of copper or aluminum foil which provides RFI or EMI shielding
  • Adhesives
  • Welding
    This process undergoes the conventional welding techniques
  • Joinery Methods
    This process incorporates a number of fastening and joining method

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at American Petroleum and experience Formex high quality and world class flame retardant materials. We will never disappoint you and you will surely be pleased with your decision.

If you want to find out more about the details of these insulator and barrier materials, you can call American Petroleum Sales and Services’ hotline numbers. Our customer service representative will be glad to assist and accommodate all your queries.

Our aim is to provide our highly regarded buyers and consumers a simple solution, cost-effective, reliable and safe through our premier and top quality flame retardant materials. Get yours now!

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We, at American Petroleum Sales and Services, devoted our years of experience to our customers in providing reliable, safe, cost-effective and quality products and services which are essential for your day to day productivity. If you want to find out more about Formex’s flame retardant materials, products, and services, give us a call today and we will gladly accommodate all your queries. Our customer service representative is happy to accommodate and assist you anytime.

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