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  3M: World Class Petroleum Provider

Improving, protecting and extending productivity, health and safety to the people is our goal and principle. Our proven years of technological excellence in the field of petroleum industry remarkably shows our deep commitment to providing only the best and world class quality products and services worldwide.

American Petroleum Sales and Service in partnership with 3M Oil and Gas Company continually dedicated our time and effort in embracing change and adapting to the new wave of advanced technology and strategies which aid in the productivity, health, and safety of the people. With this commitment, we never cease to educate and develop our skills and knowledge through ongoing training, this includes the following:

  • Firestop Training
  • Fire Protection Software
  • Safety training
  • 3M Purification eLearning Portal
  • Industrial Adhesives & Industrial Tapes
  • Pipeline Locator & Marking Training

We highly recommend you and your personnel to these skill training to not just enhance their skills, but to be more knowledgeable in troubleshooting and solving complex problems that may arise in the workplace such fires, spills, equipment downtime and accidents.

These incidents are inevitable especially in a workplace that handles petroleum and other complex industrial equipment. And there’s no other better way of preventing these things to happen but to equip our employees with safety precaution skills.

Call us at American Petroleum to find out more about these industrial skill training.

  3M Applications

From Upstream, Midstream to Downstream applications—3M Oil and Gas will surely make your refining and retailing industry a productive, safe and efficient workplace.

Upstream. Upstream covers the following workplace from drilling & cementing, flow assurance, corrosion protection to rig fabrication & maintenance

Midstream . Midstream enhances the production of corrosion protection, electrical construction &repair, equipment & facility maintenance and oilfield safety setting

Downstream . Downstream increases operation and efficiency in the field of communications & networking, refinery & plant safety, and refinery &production filtration.

  World Class 3M Oil & Gas Products

You can avail from a wide variety selection of our world class products and services from the following:

Communications & Networking

Communication is the most efficient and reliable way of channeling our task from one end to another. It increases production and lessens misunderstanding each task in the workplace.

  • Cable Splicing &Termination
  • Connecting
  • Locating & Marking
  • Splice Protection

Drilling & Cementing

  • Production & Completion Fluids Filtration
  • Lightweighting Drilling Fluids
  • Lightweighting Cements

For a better production and exploration, 3M offers a wide variety of drilling & cementing products from series of the filter cartridge, acid mist suppressant, lubricated thrust bearing and much more. These products are designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions.

Electrical Construction & Repair

  • Insulating & Sealing
  • Fire Protection
  • Wire bundling & Pulling
  • Connecting
  • Cleaning & Adhering

Equipment & Facility Maintenance

  • Grinding, Stripping & Finishing
  • Sealing & Repairing
  • Bonding & Masking
  • Cleaning & Lubricating

Flow Assurance

  • Increasing Buoyancy
  • Pipeline Insulating
  • Flexible Flowline Manufacturing
  • Flowline Corrosion Protection

Metal Fabrication

  • Welding Safety
  • Grinding, Stripping & Finishing

Pipeline Corrosion Protection and Locating & Marking

  • Pipe Locating
  • Pipeline Electronic Marking

Retail Branding

  • Petrol Station & Store Branding
  • Vehicle & Fleet Marking
  • Interior Branding & Display
  • Wired Communication Systems

Rig Fabrication & Maintenance

  • Sealing & Repairing
  • Bonding & Masking
  • Cleaning & Lubricating
  • Corrosion Protection

Oilfield Safety, Refinery & Plant Safety, and Rig & Platform Safety

  • Worker Health & Safety
  • Facilities Safety
  • Spill Containment & Cleanup
  • Fire Suppression
  • Fire Protection
  • Facilities Safety

Refinery & Production Filtration

You can choose from a wide variety of filters from XL filter cartridge, high flow filter cartridge, PK series filters and much more.

3M Oil and Gas Industry offers a wide selection of cutting-edge and advanced industrial products and services to be able to provide the most basic and complex commodities in the petroleum industry.

If you want to find out more about 3M Oil and Gas’ product details and services, call us at American Petroleum and we will be more than glad to accommodate and assist you.

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