Tank Decommissioning / Removal

  Tank Decommissioning / Removal

  Tank Decommissioning / Removal

Do you have trouble with?

  • Petroleum tank leaking
  • Gas station due for closure
  • Petroleum storage that did not meet the required regulations
  • Closed facility with tank that needs to be removed

If you have the following trouble with your fuel tank, you have just landed on the right page.

Removing fuel tanks which are deemed for decommissioning demands a considerable amount of labor as it requires a meticulous process for extraction. Fuel tank decommissioning has factors to consider and these are mostly related to safety, environmental or the company who did not meet the required standards.

So, if you are looking for a company to thoroughly and efficiently handle the gas station tank removal, we, at American Petroleum, will make the job easier for you.

Prior to excavating your fuel tanks, we have to follow through some safety measures and procedures as mandated by the state to avoid any harmful effects to the environment and human being. And we are glad to present to you our team of the skilled and competent workforce to carry out this nitpicking operation. Initially, the procedure starts by checking the tanks if it has leaks or none at all.

  Fuel Tank Decommissioning With No Leaks

  • Drain the pipelines and remove the remaining residue
  • Use a flame-proof electrical pump or a hand pump to suction the remaining deposits
  • Fill the tank with water to secure a water seal
  • Disconnect the pipelines except for the vent pipes and fill the tank with water until it appears clear
  • Close all the openings to prevent any residue flow

These are just a few of the following steps to adhere when excavating your fuel tanks. These steps should be followed thoroughly to avoid any untoward incident since it could start sparks, fire or it will explode if not carried out with caution. If you want to find out more about gas station tank removal cost, our lines are always open for you.

  Fuel Tank Decommissioning With Leaks

  • Remove all the remaining residue
  • Instill nitrogen foam or carbon dioxide
  • Monitor closely
  • Label the sides of the tank
  • Handle with caution

If the fuel tank has leaked, the remaining residue should be taken out all the way. Next, a chemical is slowly introduced (nitrogen foam or carbon dioxide) into the tank and should be monitored closely all throughout the process. The tank should be labeled accordingly on both sides with PETROL – HIGHLY FLAMMABLE in order for the workforce to handle it with caution.

  Fuel Tank Disposal

Tanks that are excavated should be disposed right away and safely. Prior to tank removal, the team who is assigned for this task will have laid out the plan from the extraction of the tank down to the route they are going to take. Aside from speeding up the disposal; its main purpose is to avoid any unfortunate incidents along the way.

Fuel tank decommissioning is not as easy as it sounds. It has to go through some meticulous process accompanied with strict compliance of the requirements upon decommissioning. But with our team of skilled and certified personnel and professional contractors, we will make this operation easier for you.

Our company is dedicated to rendering quality service and care for our customers. We are an affiliated Tennessee Corrective Action Contractor and we can assist you in funding eligibility if you are having trouble with your fuel tanks. In fact, you don’t have to go through all the trouble because our company will be the one to handle all the necessary state-mandated paperwork.

All you have to do is to give us a call today and find out how much would gas station tank removal cost you. We will assist you throughout this process.