Petroleum Tanks

  Petroleum Tanks

  Petroleum Tanks

fuel storage tanksDo you need an above ground fuel oil storage tanks for your liquid products? Are you looking for a skilled contractor who will be able to meet all the required safety standards for your above ground fuel storage tank?

American Petroleum is your one-stop shop for all your servicing needs from petroleum tanks installation (above ground fuel tanks and underground tanks), line testing and decommissioning. We also have various and premium petroleum services to choose from and you can check them out below or you can give us a call.

Fuel storage tanks are used to hold organic and non-organic liquids, vapor and other flammable fluids which are mostly used in oil industries. Storage tanks come in different sizes and design to accommodate various types of industrial liquids and vapor which are also in accordance with the required specifications by the State.

There are various types of above ground and underground storage tanks and these are created specifically and accordingly to avoid any harm and damages to the environment and as well as to the human being.

Our Petroleum Tank Services Include:

  Types of Petroleum Tanks

Above ground fuel oil storage tanks are specifically cylindrical or spherical in shape. Pressure tanks are mostly shaped horizontally and spherically to keep the structural integrity of the liquid at high-level pressure:

  • Internal Floating Roof Tanks
  • External Floating Roof Tanks
  • Domed External Floating Roof Tanks
  • Fixed-Roof Tanks
  • Pressure Tanks
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanks
  • Variable Vapor Space Tanks

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