Gas Station Pump Repair

  Gas Station Pump Repair

Do you own a c-store or gas station? At American Petroleum, we understand that broken or malfunctioning equipment can cost you money. That is why we offer superior and first-rate fuel pump repair services.  Our highly trained professionals will ensure that your equipment is running how it should as quickly as possible.

We have earned our status as a leading provider of petroleum services.  We have long standing relationships with  petroleum equipment suppliers such as Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Red Jacket, OPW, Gasboy, and Fuel Maser among others. We can provide full repair or maintenance services on a wide range of fuel equipment from these leading manufacturers.

  Routine Gas Pump Repair

When fuel pumps break, it can cost you time and money.  American Petroleum knows how important it is to have any equipment fixed immediately. Our strategically placed service locations across the Mid-South enables us to get to your location quickly.  Our team has the best diagnostic equipment to help them identify and repair the problem as quickly as possible.

Our fuel pump repair services can include:

  • Mechanical Pump Repair
  • Fuel Meter Repair
  • Lubrication Equipment Repair
  • Fuel Dispenser Repair
  • Electronic Control Panel Repair
  • Point-of-Sale Systems (POS) Repair
  • And many others!

  Emergency Gas Pump Repair

Are you experiencing an emergency?  American Petroleum can be of service 24/7 and we offer a 4-hour emergency response time. We have on-call certified experts and technicians to help you with any issues concerning your petroleum equipment repairs or any other problems that may arise.

Questions About Petroleum Products or Services?


Contact us and we can help you with any of your questions about your equipment or discuss any def dispensers that you may need.

We would like to hear from you. Let us help you learn about the industry and how we became one of the market leaders as a petroleum service provider and distributor across the Mid-South area. You may also email your questions about our products and services.

If you are interested or have questions concerning fuel management, gas line testing, fuel dispensergas station pump for saletank leak detection systemLED lighting, fuel storage tank, enviromental compliance testing or Ameron Pipe give us a call today! We have well-equipped and well-trained professionals that can help and provide you with excellent and efficient customer service.