Petroleum Services

  Petroleum Services

  Petroleum Services

petroleum pumpsAmerican Petroleum Sales and Service Company have been successful in providing years of services and generating premium products to the Oil Industry for a long time, roughly 40 years since 1977. Our vast experiences and expertise are handed over to you through our first-rate products, incomparable services, and top quality standards to meet the required regulations in the industry.

Our company has employed dynamic and competent personnel and staff who obtain substantial skills and experiences in the field to be able to render the best quality of services we are offering. We offer a wide range of services including:


  Quality Petroleum Equipment Services

Our company employs an all-inclusive package of dynamic and proficient personnel to make sure we have your trust on our products and services.  We see to it that the repairs we offer can withstand any rigorous use and will last long enough that our customers can enjoy the services we provided to them.

Our personnel is equipped with a set of skills and these are the following:

  • Engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Fabrication
  • Electrical

Questions About Products or Services?


Contact us and we can help you with any of your questions about your equipment or discuss any fuel management systems that you may need.

We would like to hear from you. Let us help you learn about the industry and how we became one of the market leaders as a petroleum equipment supplier and distributor across the Mid-South area. You may also email your questions about our products and services.

If you are interested or have questions concerning Cimtek filters or underground oil tank removal, carwash systemsconvenience store companiestank leak detection systemCree LED, or fuel oil piping design, give us a call today! We have well-equipped and well-trained professionals that can help and provide you with excellent and efficient customer service.