Minn Kota Electric Anchor Winches

  Minn Kota DeckHand Electric Anchor

A DeckHand Electric Anchor can deploy the anchor with a one push button which is easy and convenient for the customers to have fun on the water.

There a variety of DeckHand Electric Anchors these are Deckhand 40 corded remote, DH 25 Deckhand, DH 25R Deckhand, DH 40 Deckhand and DH 40 Deckhand Pontoon.

Deckhand 40 corded remote allows to operate the Deckhand 40 Electric Anchor Winch on the boat, its 25’ corded remote makes it powerful and impressive equipment.

DH 40 Deckhand functions automatically which lowers and raises the anchor by pressing the button. It uses universal davit which is attached at the base of the equipment to eliminate anchor swings. It has special anti-drag system to minimize uncontrolled drifting and anchor shackle. DH 40 is compatible with Deckhand 40 Remote Switch.

DH 25R Deckhand has automatic drift feature that stops the motor when the anchor reaches the bottom part of the water. It has davit attached at the base portion of the Deckhand or remote that stows the anchor.

DH 25 Deckhand this motor has remote mountable anchor davit with mounting hole patterns compatible and consistent with older Deckhand models. Davit is attached at the base part of DeckHand or remote position on the deck, it has also automatic drift feature that stops the motor when anchor reaches the bottom part of the water and lock the winch through touching the button.

DH 40 Deckhand Pontoon its features include corded remote accessory with Standard Deckhand 40 anchor winch it has a special anti-drag system that allows controlled drifting. It has anchor shackle that is flexible for quick changes in the anchors.