Convenience Store Pressure Washing

  Convenience Store Pressure Washing

Convenience stores and gas stations require regular cleaning more than most other commercial properties do. This is because of the high traffic of cars and people in these places. At the gas station there is exposure to oil spills, fuel, grease and all sorts of grime that people will step on and bring to your store. Also, cars blow dust as they move which eventually finds its way at the doorstep of your store. At AMPET we understand the need to keep your convenience store and gas station clean. For your customers, the choice between your business and your competitors’ might boil down to just who maintains a clean and well maintained convenience store and gas station.

  AMPET convenience store pressure cleaning services

There are many cleaning services that you might need for your convenience store and gas station. Here are some of the cleaning services that we offer.

Canopy cleaning –The canopy is a place for debris and dirt accumulation. Cleaning the canopy can be tricky but with our extension guns we are able to work on your canopies with ease and remove all debris. When necessary, we use detergents and other cleaning agents to maintain the color fastness of the canopy and ensure a thorough clean.

Parking Lots – Parking lots are a hub of dirt and debris. Cars pull in dirt and as they stop they leave it on your parking lot. We ensure that the parking lot is cleaned effectively.

Sidewalk Cleaning – We ensure that the sidewalk is clean and also perform gum removal on the sidewalk so that it is completely renewed.

Dumpster Area Cleaning – The area where the dumpster is located gets really dirty. The dumpster itself also accumulates all sorts of grime on the surface requiring regular cleaning. We ensure that this important part of your convenience store is clean.

Car Wash Area – If you have a car-wash area on site, then you know how filthy that area can become. Vehicles come in carrying all sorts of dirt and leave it at your car-wash. We ensure that your car wash is thoroughly cleaned and all accumulated grime and filth is removed.

Pump and Fuel Island – We clean the pump area with hot pressurized water so that all the fuel and the grease is melted away. We use industrial grade cleaning agents to ensure that there isn’t any grime left on the surface. Care is taken not to pressure wash your pumps as this can cause damage.

  Why choose AMPET convenience store pressure washing services?

We offer many more services – consider the pressure cleaning services as an added value service to the many other major services we provide. For instance we do convenience store building maintenance, convenience store lawn maintenance and backflow testing. With AMPET therefore you are able to get all your services from one trusted provider. This also means that you save money in the process.

Prices – We charge the most competitive prices for cleaning your convenience store and gas station. We offer the most comprehensive cleaning so you get value for your money.

Equipment – Proper cleaning of your gas station and convenience store will only happen when the right equipment has been used. At AMPET we have invested in the right pressure washers and all other accessories that will make cleaning easy.

Training and experience – We cannot pride ourselves in having the state of art equipment for high pressure cleaning if we don’t have trained people to use the equipment. Our cleaners are professional and highly trained on using all the equipment that we have and more. When you see them in action you will understand how competent they are at their job. They are experienced in offering cleaning services too.

We are already trusted by many – If you ask other c-store owners, chances are we offer pressure washing services for them. We are already trusted by many convenience stores around the region to provide them with the services and this attests to our competence, fair prices and reputation.

Friendly and professional staff – We understand that your business has to go on even when cleaning is taking place. Our staff show a lot of professionalism when they are doing their job. You will not have to worry about your customers being turned away or being talked to rudely by any of our employees. We treat your business with respect.

At AMPET we ensure a thorough cleaning of your convenience store removing all dirt, debris and stains leaving your store looking renewed and fresh. We respond quickly and operate swiftly so we leave the site within a short period. Contact us if you have any queries on our convenience store pressure washing services.