Convenience Store Lawn Maintenance

  Convenience Store Lawn Maintenance

At AMPET, we understand how important it is to keep your business looking sharp and well maintained. Your customers will keep coming back if they enjoy the ambience and cleanliness of your facility. AMPET has been providing convenience store services for the last 35 years. We know how to make your green space attractive so that it compliments all other aspects of your c-store or your gas station.  

  Our C-Store Lawn Maintenance Services Include:

Fertilizing – We fertilize your lawn to ensure that the entire lawn grows and is healthy. We also handle spot treatment for those stubborn spots where the grass never seems to grow.

Mowing – Keeping grass well-kept is the easiest way to make your c-store appealing to customers.  AMPET will keep your green space looking attractive for your customers and prevent you from getting fines for overgrown grass. We will mow your lawn periodically as needed to keep it looking great. We also trim and edge sidewalks, walkways and all other areas on the lawn to maximize the well-kept look.

Aeration – If there is a lot of foot traffic on your lawn, this can cause soil compaction. When this happens the grass in that area will die.  Aeration is important to help improve the structure of the soil and get nutrients, air and water easily to the roots of the plants.

Trimming and Pruning – We trim and prune shrubs, ornamental gardens and all other plants you have that need these services to ensure proper growth and health.

Irrigation Maintenance – AMPET can maintain your irrigation system to ensure that it is functioning properly and covering the area required. We can also handle winterization and re-starting the system in the Spring.  Additionally, if you have a broken irrigation system, we can make the needed repairs to get it up and running.

Weed Care – Weeds can make your lawn look un-cared for and abandoned. We provide weed removal services to control weeds on your lawn. We will do what is necessary to make your green space weed-free including hand removal and use of weed control treatments.

Seasonal Flowers – Planting seasonal plants and flowers adds color and vibrance to your convenience store. We will plant annual plants and when the season is over we will remove the dead plants that have completed the cycle and replace them with new ones for the season. This will keep your c-store lawn colorful and enticing to your customer every season!

  Why Choose AMPET for Convenience Store Lawn Maintenance?

We Are Experienced – We have been providing lawn maintenance services to our customers for over 17 years. Many of our senior lawn care professionals have been with use for the entire 17 years. You can be sure that your lawn will be well taken care of whether you need a one-time service or regular maintenance. We understand commercial lawn maintenance and how to improve your curb appeal to boost your business.

We Are Licensed and Insured – AMPET is a division of Murphy and Sons Inc., a licensed and insured business that has been in existence for decades now. When you choose our services you get peace of mind from knowing that you are in good hands.

We Respond Quickly – If you need quick service, our response rate is the best in the Mid-South. We respond as quickly as possible and work to ensure your lawn care needs are addressed as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about our convenience store lawn maintenance services, contact us! With AMPET your lawn will be well taken care of the entire year round. Having your lawn in order takes away one of the worries most convenient store and gas station owners have to contend with.