Convenience Store Building Maintenance

  Convenience Store Building Maintenance

Maintaining your convenience store is all about creating a nice curb appeal while also keeping your customers and employees safe. At AMPET, we have offered c-store building maintenance services for over 35 years. We are highly experienced in the petroleum industry and can provide you with high quality services at the most affordable prices in the Mid-South.

  C-Store Building Maintenance Services Offered By AMPET

Leaking pipes – A leaky pipe can cause major water damage to happen to your store. When you have a leaking pipe, it should be repaired immediately. American Petroleum will respond quickly and repairing or replace the pipe to minimize potential damage.

Broken or leaking toilets – Due to the high traffic nature of c-stores and gas stations, leaking or broken toilets happen regularly. Customers might avoid your store if they find that your facilities are always out of order or unsanitary. We provide repairs and replacements for broken toilets. 

Changing of lights to LED – One of the biggest expenses you will have to deal with for your gas station and convenience store is energy bills. Keeping energy bills down will increase your profit margins and make your business more profitable. We can change your old lights with new low voltage, long life LED lights that brighten up your convenience store and canopy for a fraction of the energy cost.

Flooring- AMPET provides flooring services for your convenience store. Whether you want to maintain your current flooring or install new flooring – we are there to help. Our building maintenance professionals are knowledgable and experienced with a wide variety of floors.

Paint – The most noticeable upgrades and maintenance of c-stores is often paint on the interior and exterior of a building.  Fresh looking paint maintains the curb appeal of your business, showcases your branding and compliments the architecture. If you notice chipping or fading of your paint job then it is time for a retouch. At AMPET we use high quality paints to redo your paint job so that your store maintains a glossy and bright look.

  Why Choose AMPET for Convenience Store Building maintenance?

Since 1977, American Petroleum has been a leading name in petroleum products and services in the mid-south. We have achieved our growth by satisfying the needs of our customers, and building a staff of dedicated and highly qualified personnel – some of whom have been with the company since it was established. At AMPET, we know you value your investment and we value our business also that is why we meet all the state requirements for licensing and insurance for our business so yours can be safe.

We keep up with new trends – We keep up with all the latest trends that will keep your convenience store modern and relevant. For instance we can change lighting systems and install new designs with LED lights that will modernize your store and save on energy bills.

Experience – We have offered convenience store services, including construction, for over 35 years. We have offered c-store building maintenance services for over 17 years when we recognized the needs that our customers have to keep their stores and gas stations looking the very best.

We Know Local Codes and Regulations – Some building maintenance practices require you to adhere to strict codes and regulations set by the state for safety reasons. Failure to follow these regulations can put your investment at risk and even result in fines. When working with AMPET, we ensure that we are in compliance with all the local codes and regulations so you will not have to worry of being on the wrong side of the law.

Do you need convenience store building maintenance services? Contact AMPET today and let us help you.