Backflow Testing

  Backflow Testing

AMPET has been providing c-store services including construction of convenience stores, petroleum equipmentlighting and so many more for over 35 years. To ensure the safety and proper running of your convenience store we added maintenance services that we have been providing to our customers for almost two decades now. When you call on AMPET for your backflow testing you can be sure that you are dealing with the best company in the Mid-South.

  What is A Backflow?

A backflow occurs when water flows in the opposite direction. Usually this is caused by a reduction in water pressure. When the pressure drops in the pipes, then water in boilers, irrigation system or fire suppression systems may be pulled back into the system. This kind of water may contain contaminants such as chemicals, human waste and others making it potentially harmful to people.

To prevent a backflow from occurring, a backflow prevention device is installed in the system. This device allows the back-flowing water is contaminated to flow out of the system through a valve before it mixes with the clean water.

  Why is Backflow Testing Necessary?

The backflow prevention device is a mechanical device containing springs, valves and some moving parts which means that it is bound to fail at some point. This is why the device requires annual testing to ensure that it is working as required and preventing cross contamination of the water. After the test is done any repairs and replacements of parts is done.

The law clearly states that backflow testing should be done annually to determine whether the device is working properly. This is to ensure the safety of the people visiting your convenient store and using your water supplies.

  Why Choose AMPET For Backflow Testing?

Convenience – Annual backflow testing of your system is a requirement by the states and the municipalities of Mississippi and Tennessee. At AMPET we offer these services and provide the results to the required authorities so you will be in compliance with the codes and regulations. To ensure that you never miss any testing, we set up an automated annual schedule for you so that we all remember when the testing is due.

Affordable Prices – We offer the best prices for backflow testing in the Mid-South. Our testing is comprehensive and reliable. We are cheaper than plumbers and have invested in the best equipment to conduct the most reliable backflow testing.

Immediate Response – Backflow testing is an urgent matter because the safety of the community could be at risk. When you call on AMPET, we respond quickly and work swiftly to ensure that the system is flowing as required.

We Are Licensed – A backflow test report is worth nothing if it is done by an individual or company that is not licensed to operate. AMPET is licensed to operate in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. 

We Do Not Outsource Work – At AMPET, our backflow testing services is handled by our in-house staff. Our staff is well trained on the best backflow testing practices and techniques.  We do not use third-party companies to handle our backflow testing service.

Questions About Backflow Testing?


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