Maintenance Services

  Maintenance Services

Convenience stores and gas stations are always surrounded by a flurry of activity.  Keeping it in top notch condition is a priority for your business to perform well. Customers will avoid convenience stores or gas stations that appear run-down or in poor order. It is also important for gas stations and convenience stores to perform regular maintenance services to ensure public safety. At American Petroleum Sales and Services (AMPET) we offer maintenance services your that keep your gas station and convenience store in top notch condition all year round. Here are the maintenance services we offer at AMPET!

  Convenience Store Lawn Maintenance

The condition of your green space can attract customers or make them look the other way. With our convenience store lawn maintenance services we keep your lawn short, green and attractive the entire year round. Avoid overgrown lawns around your store that can cause fines and even become a breeding ground for pests that can invade your business. We can handle your lawn maintenance services throughout the year or on individualized plans.

AMPET’s lawn maintenance services for your convenience store include; mowing, fertilizing, weed removal, leaf removal, irrigation maintenance, trimming, pruning, removal of annual plants, tree and shrub care, amongst so many others. We have over 17 years experience in commercial lawn care services and we have a team of experienced lawn maintenance personnel, some of who have been with us the entire 17 years. We will ensure that your green space looks perfect and well manicured. Click here to learn more!

  Backflow Testing

Annual backflow testing is a requirement in Mississippi and Tennessee.  At AMPET we offer these services to ensure that you are on the right side of the law. Backflow testing ensures that you provide quality and safe water at your convenience store. Most convenience stores have cross connections for different purposes like irrigation, fire suppression systems, pools, fountain machines and many more. If you have a backflow problem, the AMPET tem is ready to handle the required repair services to have your system back in order.

Our response time for backflow testing services is the best in the region. Plus, we offer affordable prices for our services. We have been offering backflow testing services to convenience stores for decades. We have invested in the right equipment and our staff is trained to handle all backflow testing or issues. Click here to learn more!

  Convenience Store Pressure Washing

At AMPET, we understand how difficult it is to keep your gas station and convenience store sparkling clean. Heavy traffic dust and grime will build up around your convenience store and leave it looking run down and dirty. It is imperative that you maintain a high standard of cleanliness to attract and maintain your customers.  This is why we offer convenience store pressure washing services. We will ensure that the walkways, the canopies, parking lots, fuel islands, sidewalks and the car wash areas are pressure cleaned and left fresh and attractive.

We already offer this service to other gas stations and convenience stores across the mid-south.  We use state-of-the-art machinery provides a thorough clean regardless of how long the residue or grime has been building up.

Keeping your convenience store and gas station clean and well maintained is now easier and affordable with AMPET. Click here to learn more!