Line & Leak Detector Testing

Did you know that half of the leaks that occur in underground storage tanks happen in the line, not the actual tank itself? Line leaks can be especially dangerous in a pressurized system where the pump is located at the tank instead of the dispenser.

The Importance of Line and Leak Detecting

Line and leak detectors are a critical method of detecting leaks in underground storage tank lines.

In a pressurized system, all lines that go from the underground storage tanks to the dispensers are under pressure even when just one dispenser is in use. If a leak occurs in a line under a pressurized system, it has the potential to release a lot of contamination into the ground very quickly. Because of this, it is a federal regulation that lines in pressurized systems have automatic line-leak detectors.

What is an Automatic Leak Detector?

An automatic line-leak detector can detect leaks in the lines and pipes of an underground storage tank. These devices can detect leaks of at least 3 gallons an hour in lines with 10 psi pressure.

They are installed either under the pump end of the line or under the dispenser itself and operate off a pressure sensor. As long as there is pressure in the line, the automatic line-leak detector stays off. If the pressure drops, the automatic line-leak detector triggers.

It will keep the line closed so that fuel can’t run through it and therefore, leak out. This shutoff is all done via a spring-loaded control that allows the dispenser to open when there is an appropriate amount of pressure but remains closed if that pressure is not there.

Any fuel that does come out of the dispenser comes out rather slowly at less than three gallons a minute. This leakage is what signals that something is wrong to the operator and that the line should be shut off for inspection.

There are other line-leak detectors available that include electronic circuits or that turn off the dispensers themselves and work the same way as the previously mentioned automatic line-leak detectors.

Leak Detection Testing Services from American Petroleum

As you can see, line and leak detectors are an essential tool in cutting down on contamination released into the ground. Because of this, it is important they are regularly checked, maintained, and tested. If a detector is not working properly, it should be shut down and repaired or replaced immediately. As without a properly functioning detector, there is no way of knowing if a line is leaking contaminants into the environment.

At American Petroleum, we offer extensive, EPA compliant automatic leak detection system testing to ensure that your facility is operating as it should. Even better, we also offer repair services and can fix any issues we find with your setup—this includes leaks, maintenance, improvements, and general repair. Get in touch with our team today for a no-obligation consultation to see what American Petroleum can do for you.