EPA Compliance Testing

  EPA Compliance Testing & Inspection

American Petroleum has served thousands of clients in their many years of being in business. The company is extremely popular for their high-quality services and top-notch team.

Known for their reputation for delivering world class customer satisfaction, the team has successfully handled all of their client’s environment compliance needs for decades. AMPET has both Class A and B certified operators to handle all of the necessary processes. Their locations are in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

  EPA Compliance by AMPET

EPA Compliance TestingAmerican Petroleum takes EPA Compliance seriously. Every business that stores fuel underground has to be concerned with compliance related issues.

In order for the business to remain in compliance, the highly trained professionals at American Petroleum has created an electronic record management system.  American Petroleum also has created excellent relationships with state inspectors.  These inspectors are familiar with AMPET and know that things are done correctly the first time.  We can make sure you are prepared for your inspection and that the process goes smoothly.

Businesses who need to be concerned about their EPA compliance are convenience store owners, gas station, and even farmer’s co-ops are involved with the basic compliance. If you store fuel underground, you must be EPA Compliant.

  C-Store EPA Compliance

Keeping the environment free from hazardous waste is a responsibility that every business owner should be aware of. Stores that generate, transport, or stores fuel is subject to EPA Compliance.

Following AMPET’s solid inspection process ensures that the business meets the requirements for compliances and owners are able to prevent unnecessary fines. In the recent years, there has been a high demand for compliance professionals.

Most of the time, convenience store owners will get a letter from the state stating that an inspector will be onsite in 30 days to perform an inspection.  With AMPET, that is no problem.  We keep your testing results organized and are ready for inspectors at any time. We will handle the complete process so the c-store operator doesn’t have to.

American Petroleum is the best team to keep you in compliance.

  EPA Compliance Tank Testing

The team at American Petroleum does a regular monthly check up to ensure that the business is staying EPA compliant.

Each month, AMPET does the following procedures:

  • Open spill buckets to ensure they’re dry. 
  • Print and retain the tank monitor records for passing tank tests.
  • Inspect the impressed current system (if installed.)
  • Interstitial monitoring to ensure that double-walled tanks and piping are not compromised.

On the quarterly basis, AMPET will inspect fuel dispensers to ensure there are no leaks under the dispensers. Additionally, AMPET will handle line and leak detector testing and precision tank testing as required.

  Technologically Advanced Compliance Systems

American Petroleum highlights the use of the best compliance systems in the market. In order to remain at the top of their customer service standards, they keep everything on track thru the use of electronic systems.

This allows AMPET to manage the compliance records without any complications for the necessary documents.

Since American Petroleum is a company that has built their business with high-credibility and have maintained their quality over the years, they have created excellent business relationships with the state inspectors. It only goes to show that even the inspectors think highly of their processes. They have been doing things properly since the start of their operations, this includes spot-on documentation, the right amount of preparation time for the inspection, and just an overall admirable output.

Due to their diligence and expertise, the entire inspection process easier to deal with and smooth sailing for all parties involved.  

  Satisfy EPA Compliance Inspectors With AMPET

There is a chance that your convenience store just received a letter coming from the state that there’s going to be an inspection within the next 30 days. Most of the time, business owners do not have the time to gather all of the needed document for the inspection. Getting all of the requirements and information in just a short amount of time sounds impossible. 

That’s where AMPET comes in to help owners with these inspections in the most professional way. They have satisfied clients all over the mid-south by helping them get ready for upcoming inspections.  If you need help with EPA Compliance Testing, give American Petroleum a call today!

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