Ryko Car Wash Systems

  Ryko Car Wash Systems

AMPET Proudly Offers Ryko Car Wash Systems Installation and Maintenance

As a trusted leader in the car wash system industry, Ryko understands what owners are looking for.  That is why they offer car wash systems for c-stores, auto dealers, fleet owners, and car wash operators.  Ryko prides itself on dependable equipment, chemicals and dependable service to all types of clients.

  Types of Ryko Car Wash Systems

Ryko offers several types of car wash systems to meet the needs of you and your client base.  These include:

SoftGloss MAXX 3

The SoftGloss MAXX 3 car wash is a soft-touch, friction car wash and touchless car wash all-in-one. This system allows you to give your customers many options and the opportunity to make a higher profit with each wash.

SoftGloss MAXX

The SoftGloss MAXX is a friction car wash.  It offers a combination of features and benefits that only Ryko can offer. This car wash system is dependable and offers a thorough cleaning that your customers will love.

SoftGloss Mini-Express

Looking to convert your mini-tunnel car wash system? Ryko makes it easy, affordable and profitable.

Soft Gloss Drive-Thru

Are you an auto dealer or fleet owner?  If so, the SoftGloss Drive-Thru from Ryko is perfect for you. This unit offers consistent results time and again.

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