Carwash Repair

  Carwash Repair Service

PDQ 360 LaserWash

American Petroleum Sales and Service, a division of Murphy and Sons Inc., has been in the petroleum industry for more than 30 years.  

We proudly service a variety of leading carwash brands such as PECO, Hamilton, J.E. Adams, PDQ and Unitec.

We realize that if your carwash is not running, then it is not making you any money.  You need it back up and running fast. That is why we have a team of Certified technicians and installers that can help you get the repairs completed.  American Petroleum is committed to providing high-quality services and exceeding customers satisfaction. 

  Carwash Repair Service

There are different types of carwash equipment which means there are many types of carwash system repairs that are needed.   it is important to hire a reputable carwash repair company.  Failure to properly service or maintain a carwash system could be a costly mistake. American Petroleum has already established its name in the carwash industry and we offer quality services to our valued customers.

We have experience in installation and repair of brands such as:

  • PDQ Laserwash 4000
  • PDQ Laserwash 360
  • PDQ ProTouch Tandem
  • PDQ ProTouch Icon
  • PDQ Access)
  • PECO Tunnel Wash
  • Hamilton Carwash Kiosks
  • Hamilton Entrance Systems
  • Hamilton Pay Stations  
  • J.E. Adams Vacuum Cleaners
  • J.E. Adams Vacuum Systems
  • Unitec Carwash Kiosks
  • Unitec Entrance Systems
  • and many more!

  Why Choose Us For Your Carwash System Repairs?

Our highly-trained technicians are capable of handling repair of technical damages, mechanical defects and system errors. We understand that getting your carwash back running is top priority.  With locations across the mid-south, we can get to your location quickly and fix the problem.  

We can also schedule future maintenance services.  Pro-active maintenance can help prevent malfunctions and keep your carwash system running at 100%!

Questions About Our Carwash Products or Services?

Contact us and we can help you with any of your questions about your car wash equipment or discuss any carwash equipment that you may need.

We proudly carry a variety of carwash products from companies like Macneil car wash, PDQ 360, Ryko carwash and many more.

Our team is happy to help answer any questions you may have about our products or services!  Find a location closest to you by clicking here.