Car Wash Construction

  Car Wash Construction

Carwash ConstructionThe best car wash contractor must have car wash knowledge and construction experience. American Petroleum offers both. The team at American Petroleum can provide the materials, designs for the car wash, supplies and the expertise to handle the project from start to finish.

Since AMPET works with the top leading car wash brands it will be easier and faster for the owners to get the supplies and equipment they want for their business.  We proudly offer brands such as brands like PDQ, PECO, Hamilton, J.E. Adams, and Unitec.

To open a car wash, there is a need to research market demands, population, economic stability of the area and most importantly to create an effective business plan. American Petroleum can provide a site analysis that show demographics, to help their clients find the best location for the new car wash business. AMPET can help their clients pick the best corner to build their carwash on and assist them in creating a feasible business in the future.

  Building A New Car Wash

After a location is selected, then it is time to choose the type of car wash that will be built on the lot.  There are two primary types of car washes.  The Tunnel car wash and the Rollover car wash.

Learn more about car wash equipment types here.

American Petroleum can help clients decide the type of carwash to build. 

  Why Choose AMPET As Your Car Wash Contractor?

American Petroleum Sales and Service, a division of Murphy and Sons Inc., has an established history in the petroleum industry.  From equipment repairs to car wash construction, the AMPET team can assist you with any of your needs.

Questions About Our Carwash Products or Services?

Contact us and we can help you with any of your questions about your car wash equipment or discuss any tunnel wash equipment that you may need.

We proudly carry a variety of carwash products from companies like Macneil wash systems, PDQ Access Systems, Ryko car wash for sale and many more.

Our team is happy to help answer any questions you may have about our products or services!  Find a location closest to you by clicking here.