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  Point of Sale Systems

Convenience Store Point of Sale SystemAmerican Petroleum Sales and Service is a company with wealth of experience, growing, profitable and committed in their work with large service are making them unique against other competing company.

We offer the top leading brands including Gilbarco Passport, Verifone Commander, Verfone Topaz, Verifone CI, Verifone Ruby 2, Triple E Technologies and Gasboy Islander Plus with competitive pricing.

A point of sale system is composed of a hardware and software components. Some point of sale systems include barcodes scanners and card readers.  In an era of technology, businesses must upgrade their operating system to keep up with the changes.  New point of sale systems now include the chip card updates and PCI compliance upgrades.

American Petroleum Sales and Service offers high-quality services for those clients who might need to upgrade their point of sale system to accept chip cards. If a client needs to upgrade their credit card network or rebrand their convenience store, AMPET can help with that too.

  Point of Sales Systems for Convenience Stores

For convenience store owners having point of sales system is a must. This equipment helps to track sales patterns, gross revenue, losses, total inventory, and accurate pricing of the products. The system works fast, easy and conveniently. It prevents discrepancies and losses at the same time.

Point of Sale Systems are divided into two components, the hardware and the software. A few POS systems we offer include:

Gilbarco POS for Convenience Stores

With Gilbarco Passport Service Offering system, everything is fast, easy and convenient. This helps minimizing cost and expenses in the business. It has enhanced software support with repair capabilities exceeding the expectation and standards.   

Verifone POS for Convenience Stores

Topaz XL

This system was designed by Verifone as the first easy-to-use touch screen and hassle-free keyboard with Point of Sale system. Its features bring a total comfort and convenient experience in the whole operation. It has built-in impressive graphical animated feature and will also customized the control panel of the system. Topaz XL can track and manage all operations in the business effectively and accurately.

Ruby 2

Ruby 2 is process and functions fast and efficient in payment processing. It is the current and latest system offered by Verifone without keyboard. It has a unique speed that helps store managers or owners save time. The built-in touch screen feature is new compared to the other Verifone system.

Store owners and managers can access the operation system that tracks the inventory and proper prices of the products. This will also automatically give an update in the system.

Ruby CI

This has a built in Commander Site Controller inside making it fast in processing the system. Ruby CI is efficient and effective in helping business operation easy and fast.

Commander Site Controller

This is purposely built to enhance the operation process. It provides faster and superior performance and speed in payment process. This has 100% IP data that helps business owners and managers faster communication support during day to day operation.

  Point of Sale Systems for Gas Stations

Gasboy POS for Gas Station

This is Gasboy’s most powerful technology, Islander Plus is an automated and remote fueling operating system. It is most reliable system by Gasboy because of its fuel fleet management system. It is also accurate in tracking the day to day cost, expenses and revenue. It enhances the data collection and if flexible in web-based and contactless systems.

Gilbarco POS for Gas Station

Gilbarco offers the Passport point of sale system this helps and provides businessmen in tracking, controlling, expanding and growing the business through its unique tools. It is in demand in the market because of its features, hassle free touch screen and high-quality service.

This equipment provides all in one convenience. Because of its features, work is faster and easy. Cashiers or manager may be able to do more work because of the hassle-free touch screen that increases speed in the work place.

Gilbarco designed this equipment with electronic journal and an impressive security camera. It has an attached store report data that protect important data against data-loss and equipment breakdowns.  There is also a chance for managers and owners to create their own code to protect important files and data against theft.

  Other Things To Consider

Flexibility should always be the key in running the business. Some Point of Sale software includes customer management, employee management and inventory management options.

Customer management will keep in touch and communicate with the customers. This software can monitor and log purchases. This system will collect customers information for the company as well. This might be through electronic mails, telephone, websites and social media like Facebook, blogs and Twitter.

Employee Management (also called as Human Resource System) allows the owner and manager to collect employee’s history, information, performance and incident reports.  This is a user-friendly system, security rights are observed and employee can also update the details in their personal information. This system also records the total number of employees, tracks incident reports, attendance and absences at the same time.

Inventory Management systems help in recording and tracking the total products inventoried and sold in the business. This solution automatically reorders products, tracks shipment and scan barcodes. It is very convenient and useful in the c-store industry.

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