Convenience Store LED Lighting

  Brighten Your Space With LED Lighting

LED Canopy LightingAmerican Petroleum Sales and Service has been in the petroleum industry for more than 30 years creating an impact in the business world. 

AMPET proudly offers LED lighting from LSI Industries, the top brand for high-quality of lighting solutions. LSI Industries has been in the industry for more than 40 years.  They are known for their unique lighting solutions designed to address the specific needs and wants of our customers.

LSI Industries is committed to providing energy-efficient, high-performance lighting for both indoor and outdoor uses.  With LED lighting by LSI Industries, you can light, merchandise, identify and draw customers to your convenience store.

  LED Lighting For Convenience Stores

Light-emitting diode also known as “LED” is a device that is designed to emit light through electricity. LED is already a trend in many markets and convenience store owners are changing over to LED lighting solutions. American Petroleum can help business owners upgrade their lighting system, reduce maintenance and extend service life thru using LED light solutions.

There are many types of LED lighting applications.  AMPET offers different kinds of LED lights that are suited for convenience store businesses.  Some of these lighting solutions include:

  • LED Canopy Lighting
  • LED Area Lighting
  • LED Wall Mount Lighting
  • LED Cooler/Beer Cave Lighting
  • LED Downlighting
  • LED Emergency/Exit Lighting
  • LED Parking Lot Lighting
  • LED Wall Packs

  Why Choose LED Lighting?

Using LED light is cost-efficient, business owners can save money because it requires low energy consumption and it emits brighter lights compared to bulbs and fluorescents.  As a business owner, money is an important factor. There is a need to save and be conscious in spending money. LED lights can make the ambience of the store more appealing in the eyes of the customers.

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