Convenience Store Construction

  Convenience Store Construction by American Petroleum

Convenience Store Construction

American Petroleum Sales and Service, a division of Murphy and Sons Inc., is one of the top companies for petroleum sales and service in the Mid-South.  In this industry, there are only few businesses which gives 100% turn-key convenience store construction and American Petroleum Sales and Service is one of these.

With AMPET, you provide the lot and we’ll do everything else. AMPET handles installing the fuel tanks, building the store, installing the equipment, installing the light canopy, installing shelving and more.

We have highly-competent technicians and skilled installers. Aside from building convenience store, AMPET is willing to extend their help in all aspects in relation to the business – from construction to ongoing maintenance.

  Why Choose AMPET for C Store Construction?

Besides choosing the best convenience store construction company, there are a lot of other things to consider. American Petroleum has the experience major construction projects.  We will walk you through every decision to make sure it is exactly right. 

AMPET Will Help You Choose the Best Location

It is very important to select the best location for the business. Traffic count, competitors, weather condition and existing business should be considered in choosing the best site location for the business.

Site visibility will always be on top for choosing the best site location. This is the aspect where customers have an easy access and advertisements and signs can be easily seen if the site visibility of the business is good. This would result to high demand in the market and potential profit will be expected.

AMPET Knows the Ordinances and Laws 

As the common saying “ignorance of the law excuses no one” the need to research and know the laws and ordinances will help prevent unforeseen bumps during construction. You will not have to worry about these details, AMPET will handle it for you.

AMPET Understands Accessibility and Ambience

When constructing a convenience store it should be accessible and pleasing in the eyes of the customers. The parking lot should always be well maintained and the whole space should be well lit. The safety and comfortability of the customers must be considered prior to construction.

As you can see, American Petroleum Sales and Service is the perfect company to help you with gas station construction.  Gas station owners that are looking to build additional locations, investors that build and flip convenience store, and convenience store chains that are looking to build additional locations are ideal clients for AMPET.

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