Cutting lines in convenience stores with a faster and more convenient checkout system

Gilbarco releases the Passport Express Lane, an innovative payment solution that puts the convenience backs into convenience stores. It’s a self-checkout system that lets shoppers check out their selected items themselves, making things easier for shoppers and store employees.

What is Express Lane?

Express Lane is the latest offering in a long line of Passport POS solutions released by Gilbarco. It is purchasable with Passport Version 12.02 and is easy to install since its design allows for seamless integration with the existing infrastructure of a typical modern convenience store.

If you already have a Passport ecosystem in place, you’ll notice that Express Lane’s interface is quite similar. This continuity ensures that the learning curve before you become familiar with the new system is minimal.

The Benefits of Express Lane

The benefits of integrating Express Lane into your C-store are vast. It enhances the shopper customer experience significantly by letting them choose their preferred checkout process. It also makes your store run smoother by facilitating quicker payments and speeding up the lines at the checkout counter.

Passport Express Lane also allows you to operate with fewer employees since there’s less need for a permanent attendant to stand at the checkout counter. It can be especially useful during peak periods when you are short-staffed or require your employees for other duties around the premises.

New Customers, New Opportunities

According to Chris Whitley, VP of North America Sales and Marketing, “Express Lane is the result of countless hours spent listening to customers’ needs and concerns…” His sentiments can be viewed in how the new Passport Express Lane appeals to customers that fall within the unique category of “self-service shoppers.”

Shoppers in this category want to enjoy security while shopping, also having more control over their checkout experience. By providing these customers with the shopping experience they desire, Express Lane gives C-stores the ability to satisfy them better and generate a new wave of loyal customers.

Customers can check out on their own using Express Lane, but those who need assistance, such as the individuals unfamiliar with the system, are not abandoned. Cashiers behind the counter will be monitoring each customer’s checkout process via Express Lane’s Control Console application.

If they notice that a customer needs support, the cashier will be on hand to speedily provide a friendly and helpful service.

Whitley was on point when he said, “This new solution will be a gamechanger for business owners, c-store managers, and employees, and ultimately, the consumer.”

Convenient and Efficient

Whether your customers shop with Visa or MasterCard, credit or debit cards, Express Lane supports it. It also supports other card options and the latest contactless payment options. The aesthetics of the device also fit seamlessly into the design of most c-stores, ensuring that it doesn’t look out of place in your self-checkout area.

Install Express Lane today to improve the convenience and efficiency of your c-store. All you need to do is visit American Petroleum or give us a call today. You can also contact us to discover more about the Passport POS Suite.