Do you want to save money on a new fuel dispenser? Consider switching to Gilbarco’s latest Advantage Series.

Gilbarco’s next-generation Advantage pumps provide users with more security and throughput features to guarantee reliable fueling and lower your total cost of ownership.

By choosing to upgrade to the Gilbarco Advantage, you’ll gain reliable Multiple Product Dispensers that offer optimal fueling flexibility with up to four fuel grades and eight hoses.

Optimized for safety and functionality, the design of the dispenser also amplifies the aesthetics of your forecourt. It will attract more customers to your pumps and into your store.

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Supercharge Your Operations with Gilbarco Advantage

There are various ways that upgrading to Gilbarco Advantage can give your convenience store, gas station, or truck stop, a commercial advantage. The more prominent benefits include:

Lower Cost of Ownership

The Gilbarco Advantage has the lowest price among comparable Gilbarco products. It also lowers your total cost of ownership with impressively low maintenance costs and high efficiency.

The Multiple Product Dispensers on each pump minimizes the number of dispensers and tanks needed to provide customers with the products they need in record time.

Stylish Design

The stylish design of the pump goes a long way in lifting the aesthetics of your business premises, too. It makes your brand more marketable, attracting more customers, and generating sales.

The design uses large, vivid displays to catch the attention of customers and reinforce marketing messages. The graphics at eye-level on the pump also emphasize your brand image. The design isn’t just for show, though, as the galvanized external panels also protect against the elements and provide corrosion resistance.

Easy to Comprehend Displays

As a Multiple Product Dispenser, the Gilbarco Advantage comes with up to four displays that provide users with a clear image of what they are buying. The display also clearly indicates the progress and cost of filling, with seven digits for money and volume and six digits for unit price and optional density.

Each display is backlit with white light to ensure everyone has a clear view of the information regardless of outside lighting conditions.

Enhanced Security Features

The Advantage minimizes the risk of vandalism, theft, and fraud. The pump features an encased meter shaft and a tamper-proof seal.

Reliable Performance

Industrial-grade electronics are used to build the Gilbarco Advantage. There is also an independent power supply module with a separate pump interface. All these features combine to deliver a reliable and stable pump that guarantees maximum uptime throughout the year.

Ease of Use and Service

The dedicated display and diagnostic LED indicators on the pump are easy to understand and navigate. An intelligent keypad also makes the Gilbarco Advantage an ideal choice, whether you’re running a self-service station or manned pumps.

Get the Gilbarco Advantage for To Boost the Pump Experience of your Station

If you need a budget-friendly and simple-to-use fuel dispenser for your convenience store, gas station, truck stop, or other commercial establishments, contact us today about the Gilbarco Advantage.