Are you looking for a fuel pump that will optimize the performance and profitability of your convenience store, gas station, truck stop, or other commercial establishments?

Gilbarco Encore 700s is the first choice among fuel retailers. It offers minimal cost of ownership with optimal flexibility and reliability. The Encore 700 S or E700S delivers on this promise with cutting-edge design that delivers high and low volume fuel dispensing without the need for complicated modifications.

Its user interface also provides a variety of features that ensures the dispenser will remain the benchmark for quality and performance in the future.

For more on how the tried-and-tested Gilbarco 700s can advance your business, give the experts at American Petroleum a call today.

Optimize Your Operations and Profit with Gilbarco 700s

Boost the operations and profitability of your convenience store, gas station, or truck stop by replacing your current line of pumps with our Gilbarco 700s. The new technology delivers the following features and benefits:

Reliable and Familiar Design

Installation of the Gilbarco 700s is fast and easy, but installation doesn’t mean starting anew. Its ATM-style user interface is familiar to all users, making refilling vehicles, selecting alternative fuel options, and making payments easy and intuitive.

The product also comes with protective features that keep it running optimally in extreme weather conditions, guaranteeing maximum uptime.

Forecourt Merchandising

Gilbarco 700s pumps come with forecourt merchandising tools that optimize your promotion of products and services. The tools include a 10.4” color screen combined with an Applause merchandising system, for maximum impact and real estate when promoting your wares.

Optimized Security

Vandalism and other criminal activity are less of a worry with the optimized security features of the Gilbarco 700s. If there is an unauthorized entry attempt at the pump, you will be alerted, and an automatic dispenser shutdown will engage.

There are also features to notify the POS to limit access or have other sensitive components self-disable when tampering occurs.

Remote Management

Gilbarco 700s let you monitor and control your pump remotely from anywhere in the world. These features are powered by Insite360 Encore, cloud-based service with real-time feedback about your pump network.

It allows you to view and resolve basic pump issues from the comfort of your mobile device or computer. You can remotely manage problems to maximize pump uptime and elevate customer experience, including forecourt and dispenser performance issues.

Convenient and Familiar Payment Option

Gilbarco 700s Fuel Dispensers are EMV-Ready, providing a familiar ATM-style interface for customers to pay with credit or debit cards. Cards from Europay, MasterCard, and Visa complete transactions securely and conveniently at the pump.

Progressive Design

Gilbarco 700s is designed with progress in mind. The system comes with future-ready electronics that can be easily updated to meet the changing needs of your business and customers.

Order Your Gilbarco 700s today

The Gilbarco 700s model has been on the market for years, proving reliable and safe. Its features put it in the optimal position to satisfy the evolving needs of your customers and fueling station. It delivers the lowest cost of ownership and best integration available on the market.

For more about how Gilbarco 700s from American Petroleum can boost sales and customer satisfaction at your pumps, please give us a call.