Ever since cars gained momentum around the world, carwash services have always been a lucrative business. They fill a desperate need, especially in highly-crowded urban locations. It’s a great business to have. Halting the company due to malfunctions or required maintenance translates into a financial loss.

You need to keep your business running. But life happens, and machines fail. What have you done so far to ensure you get the best support available to keep your carwash up and running at all times? Have you established a trusting relationship with a carwash repair service? Are you still bouncing from one service to another? How do you find a reliable carwash repair service?

Proven Track Record

It is not difficult to find a carwash repair service. Services are readily available, and most of them will get the job done. Some that will only brag about their services but end up doing quick fixes, just enough to get you through your service warranty. Then you’ll call them maybe 24 hours after that when something else goes wrong.

A reputable carwash repair service can put their money where their mouth is. That doesn’t mean an unlimited warranty. There is no such thing. However, their reputation needs to stand not on their advertising skills, but on the testimonials and recommendations of their previous clients.

You know your competition. You also know there is room for everyone, and that in this industry people can be more than helpful. Ask for recommendations. Ask the potential carwash repair service for feedback from their current clients. An honest company will be more than willing and glad to provide this.


As carwash and self-carwash services appear overnight, so do companies offering repair services. New models and advanced features often make or break a business. And so does the capacity of a carwash repair service to accommodate these advancements.

A strong company can adapt overnight. They will invest in the tools and parts required for any carwash maintenance and repair. Most importantly, they will invest in their employees. A good mechanic or a good electrician needs constant training to stay up to date with new developments in their field of work, even if they have excellent skills.

You need to choose a company that is constantly on top of their game and up-to-date with any innovation in the field.


This criterion should not even be mentioned. But there are countless carwash repair services out there who offer no warranty for their work. This aspect is completely unacceptable. While we are aware that errors can occur, from both a technological point of view and because of human error, a company that delivers always accounts for their flaws as well.

Emergency Services

As stated at the beginning of this piece,  your carwash must always stay in business to serve your customers. A reliable partnership must include emergency services with a turnaround time less than 24 hours. Settling for anything else is your loss.

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