Are you in need of a fuel dispenser that dispenses different fuel types from the same hose?

After extensive testing, customer feedback proves that Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers are an excellent option. It’s safe and efficient, even when delivering different fuel types from a single outlet.

Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers allow you to minimize the cost of running and maintaining your convenience store, gas station, or truck stop. Its user-friendly design and interface also make it convenient for use by trained employees or self-service customers.

If you need Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers for your high, medium, or low volume site, contact us to discover the perfect dispenser for your establishment.

Available Options

Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers are next-generation fuel-blending dispensers that incorporate fuel from multiple inlets to a specified hose. Its design is ideal for those in the petroleum industry whose customers are demanding more alternative fuel options.

The Flex dispenser enables these customers to blend their preferred fuel at the pump while they fill up their vehicles. All the dispensers in the Encore NF Series provide up to five fuel-type selections on one pump, keeping the refueling experience safe and straightforward.

It also maximizes your branding and sales potential while eliminating the cost of running more pumps or tanks than your business needs.

Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers are available in four unique model configurations:

NF0 for Encore 700s

Two hoses per side that dispense E85, E15, and three standard grades.

NF1 for Encore 700s

Three hoses per side that dispense E85, E15, and three standard grades.

NF4 for Encore 700s

Three hoses per side that dispense diesel, E15, and three standard grades.

NF8 for Encore 700s

Optimal flexibility, in the form of pumps that offer all possible varieties of blended fuels (that may or may not contain ethanol).

All the above options are EMV-ready with a user-friendly interface. Contact American Petroleum to discover which model will best suit your business.

Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers: Supercharging Your Business’ Profits

Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers from American Petroleum offer the following features for an upper hand in the petroleum industry.

Easy, Convenient, and Familiar Payment Option

Each Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispenser is EMV-Ready, providing a familiar ATM-style interface that facilitates payments at the pump. You can process sredit or debit cards from Europay, MasterCard, and Visa securely and conveniently at the pump.

Strategic Investment

The design of each model considers the environment and supports the dispensing of alternative fuels, like biodiesel, E85, LPG, CNG, and hydrogen. It positions you as a socially responsible brand.

Maximizes Efficiency and Safety

Whether you are running a gas station, convenience store, truck stop, or vehicle fleet, the safety of your customers, employees, and assets is paramount. Each Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispenser is designed for a fast and efficient fill without compromising on safety.

One safety feature includes sensors that monitor ethanol blends to prevent misfuelling.

Maximize Profitability

Each model comes with an Applause TV or Applause Media System with a 10.4” color screen to maximize your forecourt merchandising. It provides more advertising space to promote your products and services.

Call American Petroleum today for more information on the reliability and benefits of our Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers.