Encore Flex Fuel Pump

  American Petroleum Sales and Service Offers Encore Flex Fuel Pump by GILBARCO

Finding the necessary fuel pump for a gas station or any other commercial establishment might be a daunting task filled with quite a lot of challenges. However, if you work with American Petroleum Sales and Service, you can rest assured that you will have no hard times getting what you need.

  American Petroleum Sales and Service Carrying Renowned Brands

Right off the bat, American Petroleum sales and Service is a renowned distributor of petroleum equipment and services. It is a division of Murphy & Sons and it is incorporated back in 1977. The company is a licensed as well as a bonded General Contractor incorporated in Mississippi, Tennessee as well as in Arkansas. The company has managed to build a staff of professional, qualified and, most importantly – dedicated people, with a lot of them being with the company since its establishment.
Having said this, AMPET works with some of the most established and renowned brands on the market, including GILBARCO.
One of the premium products which are currently being offered is the Encore Flex Fuel Pump by GILBARCO.

  About the Encore Flex Fuel Pump

This is a pump which is designated to conveniently contain absolutely all the benefits which are provided by the Encore Fuel Dispenser but it also includes incredibly low maintenance as well as a higher return on the investment. It adds quite a lot of environmental friendliness, so to speak.
The pump has the broadest set of various fuel options in the industry and it offers up to five different product selections from just a single fueling position. It is undoubtedly a rather smart investment which is going to let you maximize your sales opportunities as well as your branding undertakings while, at the same time, keeping the overall amount of tanks at the station to a substantial minimum. Of course, being a product made by GILBARCO, you can rest assured that it delivers truly unmatched durability as well as reliability that you can expect from an industry leader of the kind.
The pump offers business-friendly payment options which make it quite seamless for the user to use. To make matters easier, there is a contactless card reader and also all the parts are covered by a two-year labor warranty. This is true for all the flex-fuel dispensers of the Encore series.

  Paint job

the paint job of your store and gas station is very important. It maintains the curb appeal of your business, showcases your branding and compliments the architecture. If you notice chipping or fading of your paint job then it is time for a retouch. At AMPET we use high quality paints to redo your paint job so that your store maintains a glossy and bright look for long.
We offer many other building maintenance services for your convenience store and gas station. You can contact us if you have any queries about the services that you need.

  Why Choose AMPET for Convenience Store Building maintenance?

We are licensed and insured – the company that handles your building maintenance should have proper insurance just in case anything unprecedented was to happen. Also, not to risk your insurance in case of any eventuality you should always use the services of a licensed company. At AMPET we know you value your investment and we value our business also that is why we meet all the requirements of licensing and insurance for our business so yours can be safe.

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