Are you considering providing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at your fueling station but don’t want to learn how to use a different type of pump?

The world is switching to alternative fuels to minimize environmental impact, and vehicle owners need fueling stations to change with the times. ANGI Energy Systems provides you with the perfect solution in the form of the Encore CNG Dispenser.

The Encore CNG Dispenser’s design replicates that of popular Gilbarco Encore pumps. It’s familiar to install and use, and delivers seamless pumping, whether you are running a self-service or manned station.

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Revamp Your Fueling Station with CNG Dispensers

CNG Dispensers offer the following features and benefits to promote your brand and optimize your profitability.

Familiar User Interface and Flexibility

ANGI’s CNG Dispensers replicate the flexible, convenient, and effective user interface of Gilbarco’s Encore pumps. As the needs of your customers and station evolve, Encore CNG pumps can be configured to satisfy those changing expectations best.

Easy Installation

The frame-and-door design makes installation hassle-free and minimizes the costs.

There are also provisions for the dispenser’s interface to seamlessly synchronize with your existing forecourt controller or fuel management system. It allows you to maintain control, not only over your pumps but also the merchandising around your dispensers.

Delivers Safe and Quick Fueling

Customers can quickly refill their tanks thanks to ANGI’s optimized compression systems and pipe sizes. Impressively, the combination allows CNG Dispensers to deliver the highest fueling flows in the industry.

The control software and gas and motion sensors on the dispenser also guarantee the safety of customers and accurate dispensing of fuel for all vehicle types.

Maximize Your Lot

CNG Dispensers provide you with one pump that’s capable of dispensing a fast or standard flow. This flexibility eliminates the need and cost of having different pumps for fueling light-duty cars or heavy-duty vehicles.

Maximize Profitability

Forecourt promotion is essential because, without it, customers have to enter your store before they can see other products or services that you have on offer. The right forecourt merchandising can effectively advertise and promote your products and services directly at the pump.

CNG Dispensers can easily sync with your existing forecourt controller, giving you the ability to reach more customers with significantly less effort.

The dispenser can also be connected to your existing fuel management system, saving you the trouble of running a separate point of sale (POS) system.

Choose CNG Dispensers

By choosing our CNG Dispensers, you acquire a product that’s compliant with environmental standards and minimizes your cost of ownership. It positions you for maximum profit, as well as a socially responsible brand in an industry that is becoming more competitive on the ‘green’ front.

The satisfaction of your customers is also guaranteed with the user-friendly interface and the quick and accurate dispensing of the pump. None of these features interfere with the safety of the pump, be it used at high or low volumes.

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