If there’s an industry that is changing fast, it is the one that deals with washing cars.  So many carwashes are coming up and people are buying more cars, creating a perfect environment for the business’ boom. If you’d like to succeed in this industry, then you have to understand some trends that are shaping its future growth.

Fast Growth

Professional car washing has become a multibillion-dollar industry in the past few years. In 2016 alone, it grew by a whopping 2.5%. This is good news if you’re already in the business or are planning to get in. The fast growth promises more opportunities for the expansion of your own enterprise.

Increased Demand for Auto Detailing

Technology is enlightening people on the value of good car washing services. Consequently, more vehicle owners want to be sure that professionals do their car washes perfectly to last longer. This means there’s a rise in the demand for high end detailing services. The trend could result in increased profit margins for your business.

Lower Fuel Prices

For many years, gas prices have been rising. However, they have plummeted in the recent times, making more people drive often.  As a result, the rate of vehicles getting dirty is higher and no one would want to ride with a bad-looking automobile. Therefore, car washing demand is also increasing significantly.

The Emerging Prominence of Small Companies

IBIS World reported that the car wash industry’s top four companies no longer have a virtual oligopoly. In fact, they only account for 6% of its entire revenue. Again, most of their growth has not come from their productivity but from smaller car washes’ acquisitions. Therefore, your small-to-medium enterprise has more opportunities now than never.

Increased Competition

How small car washes have become increasingly competitive is turning many heads. Many new entrants are making their way into this industry by starting their own enterprises. With this rapid growth, you must prepare yourself to always be ahead of this competition. Be ready to offer your services to a variety of people who have diverse expectations.

You should consider the following things in order to achieve this:

  • The best way of optimizing your pricing strategy so that you can offer all your services in the most profitable manner to your business and clients
  • The best way of implementing authentic training programs to equip your employees with effective car cleaning skills
  • The best way of preparing your business for rapid growth
  • The tools you require to ensure unswerving efficiency year-round

Prepare for the Boom Right Now!

For your auto washing enterprise to attain maximum success, you have to use the best business plan and the latest technology. You can get professional advice on how to enter the market and become successful by contacting a dependable company. Also, you need a consistent and affordable supplier of modern equipment. So, research.


With the rapid growth of the automobile wash industry and the improvement in technology, you are sure that you’ll have your own share in the market. However, increased competition makes it hard for you to thrive. Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself for things like acquiring the best tools and optimizing your pricing strategy.