Quantity and quality control is a challenge when it comes to the petroleum industry. Whether individuals work with petroleum products or other refined products, getting trained is mandatory. It takes extensive knowledge and experience to manage a petroleum business.

Key petroleum staff should be well trained in the firm to pass regulatory authority tests and regulations. Problems within a petroleum site should be understood and anticipated for reliability when it comes to its products and/or services. American Petroleum is one of the firms that offer petroleum training to existing and new staff members.

Some of the upcoming training that petroleum sites should plan for their staffs include:


Dispenser Training

Fuel dispensers have been in existence for a long time now and they are commonly used at the fuel retailing sites. The dispenser types keep changing as technology advances hence the need for regular training. American Petroleum conducts such training to educate new operators on dispenser operations as well as upgrade the existing operators.

The current fuel dispensers installed at fueling points are upgraded to accommodate EMV (chip card) as required by the PCI compliance guidelines. It is during the dispenser training that operators are trained on the importance of these upgrades and how to operate the new systems. Existing fuel dispensers can also be upgraded and operators are trained how to go about it.

American Petroleum planned for dispenser training which was conducted on JUL 9 – 13. The training was a success and those that missed can plan to attend the SEP 10 – 14 and NOV 5 – 9 training.

Apart from dispenser operations, the training also cover the type of dispensers retailers should consider buying. All questions retailers may have about dispenser operations and calibrations are answered. Participants get to learn on qualities to look for before investing in a new dispensing machine.

Upcoming Training:

Gilbarco Dispenser Class


Passport Training

Petroleum training will not be complete if passport training is not included. The American Petroleum has a number of training sessions that are suitable for petroleum track drivers and others involved in transporting petroleum products. Site operators should plan for their drivers to attend Full Petroleum Driver Passport (Full PDP), Interim Petroleum Driver Passport (Interim PDP) or refresher training.

In the Full PDP, the training consists of classroom work, practical and assessments. Drivers are required to complete the training after every five years. Petroleum site owners should ensure their drivers take these courses and sit for a test before their ADR expires.

The interim PDP consists of classwork, practical and exams. The course is essential as key contents from the petroleum industry are covered. The drivers are required to take the training and pass the test before their ADR expires. Trainees are trained on contents that are relevant to their workload in the industry.

Refresher training are carried out frequently as drivers should attend the classes annually. A refresher course will keep the driver on toes as there is an opportunity to be reminded of the forgotten tips. It is at these training that the newest techniques are introduced to the participants. Petroleum sites should plan for their staff to attend the SEP 24 – 28 and NOV 26 – 30 training sessions.

Click here to learn more about our upcoming Gilbarco Passport Class.


Veeder Root ATG Training

The petroleum industry is run by a number of systems for its activities to run smoothly. System makes operation easier but without proper training it possible to have operations full of errors. The American Petroleum clearly understand all the systems and make site owners lives easier as they can train new and existing operators.

The Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) System is the one responsible to take wet stock data for the operators to be able to manage fuel inventory. The system also records other necessary factors to enhance the inventory management. The system would be hard to use without proper training and American Petroleum can handle a thorough training.

Petroleum site owners who need their new operators to be trained on the system operations can register with American Petroleum for OCT 15 – 18 and DEC 10 – 13 training sessions. Existing operators who would like to refresh on the system operations can also benefit from these training.

Apart from system operations, the Veeder root ATG training will also cover Proven Protection, Proven Precision, Proven Profit, and Proven Partner. Existing and new operators will benefit a lot from these training. Learn on control of fuelling operation and wet stock management from the assigned trainers. Participants will learn how to save time and be more productive from the reliable ATG systems.

Learn more about our upcoming Veeder-Root TLS 350/450 Class.

Customized Training

Petroleum training is broad and at times site owners may have special needs that they need to be trained on. American Petroleum is not limited to set training as they make room for participants who need to be trained on customed needs.

Petroleum sites are different in one way or another even though they deal with similar products. A need in one company may not be of any significance to another company hence the need for customed training.

At American Petroleum the trainers have adequate information and many years of experience in the petroleum industry. The training technicians have experience dealing with different kinds of sites and have encountered all the problems there are in the industry. The trainers just need to know the problems a site is facing and the kind of equipment on the ground to be able to come up with a training plan.

There are no specific dates planned for custom training as the trainers come up with a program after a need is presented. It’s up to a site owner to determine whether they need the custom training on their site or at the American Petroleum facility. Training on-site is encouraged as the trainer will address the need on site and participants will train on equipment they use on daily basis.

Petroleum training is a necessity for operators to be in line with the regulated standards of operation. American Petroleum has been on training business for long and a site owner can be guaranteed of quality services. Apart from system operations, participants get also to train on safety precautions when on site and they have an advantage of training with the best trainers.