NACS Show is a forum that is organized for all in Petroleum trade to meet, interact and learn from one another. This global convention brings together more than 23,500 stakeholders in the petroleum industry and gives them a platform to conduct business, learn, network and have fun.

New technologies are coming up with each new day; this is the forum that one can be informed of what is new in the industry. Every year, the NACS show brings Fuel retailing professionals together for four days with an aim of helping them grow.

Participants have an opportunity to learn new ideas and create partnership with their counterparts from all over the globe.


What is it all about?

The 2018 PEI at the NACS show just like in any other year, participants will get to showcase the latest products in the industry. Get to learn about shelving & displays, signs & lighting, refrigeration, lighting, coolers, fuel management systems and leak detections. The forum is not limited to these as learning about building components, services security equipment and flooring Safety products is also possible. The latest products in liquid handling equipment and fuel marketing, as well as the latest technologies, are always available at the convention.

This is the only forum where participants can get hands-on experience in the expos various categories. Learn and experience fuel equipment & services, candy/snacks, foodservice programs& food equipment, store operations& facility development as well as technology and merchandise.

The NACS SHOW works as futures launch pad with the 2018 show parading the newest products in the industry. A visit to the preview room gives a participant an opportunity to experience new innovations, products, services as well as new growth opportunities. Get to note down the products details as well as the exhibitors’ contacts just in case you would require visiting their showroom.

The main goal of the 2018 convention is to give participants a learning platform. Interacting with retailers and other industry influencers at the show gives a participant an opportunity to air their challenges in the industry. There is no better learning opportunity than one presented when one gets to hear from others in a similar situation.

The solutions one get at these shows are real-time solutions as they are practical solutions invented by others in the industry. Getting a theoretical solution is unreliable since the situation is an assumption and the figures are ideal figures or estimated ones.


Where is it?

The NACS show is on every year with the organizers planning for a four-day conference. The 2018th conference will be held on October 7, 2018, to October 10, 2018. The conference will be at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, 3150 Paradise Rd in the United States. Registration is ongoing and it’s open for both PEI members and nonmembers.

The registration to the convention is open and those willing to participate can register online irrespective of their location. The events and sessions programs are also available for participants to be able to plan their time and also choose the sessions as per their languages.

The customer care services at the Las Vegas Convention Centre are just admirable. Apart from being able to grab a snack during the breaks, participants can get to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in the centre. The much longed for meal breaks can be enjoyed as participants get to interact with one another.

The four days conference will not be possible if there were no accommodation places available. The accommodation rates are available through the PEIs official website and the participants can also choose whether they would like to be part of the PEI Kickoff Breakfast.

There is an offer that will go on till 28th September 2018. Participants can enjoy discounted rates if they register on or before the stated date. The exhibitors can register through the NACS official website, while the request for credentials is available for regulators and industry press. Since the conference is open for all interested parties all over the world, the international participants can request for invitation letters.


Why you should attend

The NACS show comes ones in a year and everyone in the petroleum industry should purpose to attend. The benefit that comes with interacting with others in the same field of business is worth every time spent and each coin invested. The conference brings people in the petroleum industry together and there is a lot they can learn from one another.

Some of the reasons why one should attend the 2018 PEI AT THE NACS SHOW conference include:


Learning Opportunities

One might be experienced in the petroleum industry but there is always something new to learn. At these conventions, participants are willing to share their success stories and also problems encountered. Get to earn from others mistakes as and emulate their new technologies to achieve more.



The conference provides a great opportunity for participants to network. There are possibilities of one getting valuable resources to fetch referrals. Most participants are willing to give ideas and also inspire others to succeed in the industry.


Meet New Suppliers and Vendors

At these conventions, participants can meet suppliers and vendors who might complete them in one way or another. These are conventions where participants have a common interest and its common to get participants completing one another.


Get to an Experts Position

Attending these conventions makes one more knowledgeable. One can get to learn more from others and gains experience to a point of being an expert in the industry. This is a great opening as many participants like to interact more with those who are knowledgeable.


Have Fun

Work without some fun in it can get monotonous and boring too. NACS show conventions bring people in the petroleum industry together to network, learn and have some fun moments.



2018 PEI at the NACS show is just a few weeks from now. Those in the petroleum industry are encouraged to secure their place early enough as there will be a lot to learn from one another as well as from the experts. The registration is ongoing on the NACS official website for both members and nonmembers.